Is It Beneficial To Take Too Many Vitamins?

Is It Beneficial To Take Too Many Vitamins?

Medical sciences always taught the mankind about the benefits and defense mechanism of vitamins and minerals. It declared these components compulsory to provide the nutrition which alone a regular food intake could not suffice. Scientists continued to believe it until the recent times when questions were being raised regarding the same effects and benefits of vitamins inside a pill. The people who intake rich vitamins and mineral medicines are believed to live a healthier and longer life, but this is a matter of concern in case of multivitamins which are served inside the pills. The effects of such pills are ambiguous and believed to be ineffective in counteracting the risks of diseases according to a study conducted in 2015.

  • What is the reaction of medicines professionals on it?

It is reported that most people overestimate the advantages of multi-vitamins and minerals and go for over-consumption which can lead to the disadvantages of vitamin overdose. Dieticians suggest no more intake than what is recommended and stick to the number of nutrients required for optimum health conditions. Overdosing vitamins is regarded as unhealthy and many health problems have been identified in case of consuming more than necessary vitamins and minerals. These health problems account for skin drying, peeling, and cracking, vomiting, diarrhea, hypertension, hypercalcemia, anorexia, kidney stones and other problems, hemorrhage, abdominal pain, gout, epilepsy, respiratory disorders, skin itching, liver damage, stomach cramps, hair loss, fatigue, and nerve damage.

  • What are the side effects of medicines overdose?

The overdose of multi-vitamins is believed to be hazardous to health; it can cause various problems such as frequent urination, eye irritation, vision impairments, rapid heartbeats, irregular blood pressure, bone and joint problems, rashes and itchy skin, seizures, nausea, and fainting. A strict consumption is suggested by the nutritionists and an average healthy person is advised to not consume multivitamins and multi-minerals. Additional supplements are suggested to only those who cannot fulfill their health requirements through oral intake of naturally occurring foods.

  • Which supplement can be taken frequently?

In the areas of Thailand, Nepal and some areas of India, a plant supplement is derived from the roots of the members of the mint family. The supplement is called Forskolin and is declared to possess medicinal properties for asthma treatment and other various ailments. Among its various benefits, weight loss tops the list. The use of Forskolin has played a significant role in Ayurvedic medicinal treatments. This medicinal practice has originated in Indian subcontinents and has been expanded to western cultures as well. Forskolin and coleus plants are well known for its properties to treat asthma, breathing disorders, treatment of cancer and glaucoma, improving heart strength and maintaining the blood pressure as well as promoting general health and wellness.

The use of Forskolin is relatively new in the western culture and is reported for very few side effects, contrary to many herbal supplements. Its usage is rendered safe among its consumer base as a part of a daily healthy diet. Most of the Forskolin supplements are contained in powder form in a capsule. It is usually prescribed with a low-calorie diet and regular exercises. The topmost benefits of Forskolin are body fat loss, relaxation of arteries and muscles, combat process against asthma and allergies, improvement in cardiovascular health, treatment of glaucoma and intraocular pressure and psoriasis, fighting depression and hypothyroidism, and immune enhancement.

One can also opt for a Forskolin weight loss free trial. Forskolin reduces weight by secreting enzymes called lipase and adenosine. These enzymes de-attach fatty acids from body cells and use as burning fuel without reducing lean muscle mass. It also increases testosterone in men which are highly associated with lower weights and sustained weight loss. However, it is not a complete miraculous solution for weight loss, unlike the claims of some distributors and media personalities.