Is It Important To Look And Feel Good

Shakespeare was so very correct and practical, when he cited his views on how love looked through the mind and not with the eyes. Well, the famous words by Helena, in “The Midsummer’s Night Dream” may not be totally applicable in the contemporary world smitten by external beauty and heights of fashion consciousness.

It is important to understand that the concept of “Lookism” is definitely on the rise, with appearances and looks influencing the basic judgment of the onlookers. This leads to the importance of feeling and looking good along with presenting an attractive physical appearance to business and social circles alike. For example, a job applicant who manages to flash a dazzling smile and display his perfect dental setting, casts a better and more positive impression on the interview panel rather than the candidate who exhibits low confidence because of his inferior and plain looks.

Although it is unethical to judge a person on the basis of his external personality and appearance, it cannot be debated that the better looking people end up earning greater unmerited favors and opportunities. The bias towards good looking people exists in all fields ranging from employment and business to academic, professional and social fields. The bold and beautiful get better treatment in all scenarios when compared to their less attractive counterparts.

The insight into the importance of and looking good warrants some simple measures and tips that can elevate your confidence levels to greater heights and add newer dimensions to your overall personality and demeanor.

So what are the steps that can help you look and feel good?

Proper health regimes: The importance of a well balanced diet, proper exercise and a stress free lifestyle goes a long way in increasing your self esteem and confidence. Physical fitness and proper posture leads to positive changes in the attitude and thinking process of an individual and the same reflects his beliefs and actions.

Adequate sleep and proper relaxation techniques: sleeping peacefully for at least eight hours in a stretch relaxes and soothes the nerves and emotions and encourages positive changes in the way one feels about himself. A stress free mind reflects externally on the looks and appearance of the person, making him more amiable, pleasant and better looking. The various techniques of relaxation such as yoga exercises, meditation, listening to music, walking in pollution free areas and hanging around with well wishers and friends also have a great impact on the well being of a person.

Proper dressing, body language and attitude: Positive body language and good dressing sense adds to the overall personality of an individual and influences onlookers to appreciate and acknowledge his skills and talents. An extremely positive attitude about one’s appearance and looks reflects in the voice and actions and helps in gaining success in all endeavors.

Follow the golden rule which effectively depicts the importance of a pleasant smile. For those of you who continue to harbor doubts about the impact of a smile, do fix an appointment with your dental expert, for a simple teeth whitening session and see yourself charming your way into the hearts and minds of the beholders.

Paula is a teeth whitening specialist offering teeth whitnening in Milton Keynes