Is It Time To Infuse Business In Engineering To Give Students The Edge?

Is It Time To Infuse Business In Engineering To Give Students The Edge?

Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers”

Engineering as a profession is very highly regarded in our country. But is ‘engineering’ as a stream moving forward to equip our students to compete with the best in the world?

India’s future generation with high hopes of making it to the top and fulfill expectations, not only of their own, look for streams like engineering to give their careers a head start. There is a wide range of scope in India for engineering graduates, which are not only well remunerated but also well respected.

More than 10 lakh students every year look to enroll themselves in top engineering institutes, and the passage to get admissions in these esteemed institutes is a fierce competition in itself. To make a mark in this tight space, students prepare for at least two years, putting in endless hours in their studies, taking mock tests and solving previous year’s papers.

The charm of Engineering stream in India is evergreen and the opportunities that it brings with it is the very reason why. Engineering courses across the globe are fast becoming diverse and dynamic and this raises the question, whether the country’s engineering stream needs a revamp or looked into?

The Combination of Success:

Many universities are now looking to incorporate business into engineering studies, to broaden the scope for students beyond engineering. This will help students to make positive changes and become leaders in the foreseeable future.

Accepting it or putting the head in the sand won’t make a difference, because the fact is that the education system of the country is more traditional than forward thinking and it is time to move look ahead. The economic growth, that is expected of India in the global market can come from entrepreneurial abilities of the younger generation. There are various opportunities in the fields of high tech ventures, research/development for engineering students, but what is required of them is business acumen. There won’t be a better combination if students can accumulate and utilize the learnings of business functions along with skills and knowledge of engineering vertical.

The Road Ahead:

Taking a cue from how other universities are marching towards achieving the same at a brisk pace can a set as an example and a shining light to be followed.

Some engineering schools across the globe allow its students for an additional year to work with industry innovators. This gives the students the leverage not only to get their hands-on experience with the latest equipment but also gives them access to the thought process and the business acumen of the innovators.

There are some universities which from the very outset blends engineering prowess of an aspirant with management and business acumen. With the support of some companies the university helps sponsor students to develop professionalism and also build business connections within and beyond the borders.

There are universities like Dundee’s School of Science and Engineering, which firmly believes that the degrees should not only be industry focused but also has to be as dynamic as the ever-changing landscape of the market. Providing with internships and apprenticeships with industry leaders will help students to mold themselves into professionals who are apt for the market and fit to meet its demands.

Overcoming the Current Predicament 

The will and motivation to change the world and make it a better place to live in is what lacks in the education system of India. The system is churning out engineers more than one can count but the study shows that only 7% of them are employable. This is a serious concern for a country that is pushing the door to become a superpower. When the foundations are weak then the castle is bound to shake.

Understanding the realities, practicalities and moving forward with a focus on the needs of the present market scenario is the key to evolve the education system. It is high time to introduce vivid topics to create a multidisciplinary environment for not only students but also academics to thrive upon.

The world and the society, as we know faces with many challenges like lack of jobs, lack of innovative start-ups, clean energy and many more. To eliminate or to overcome such challenges requires a dynamic shift in the education system and the young generation to take up the mantle in their own hands.