Is It Too Late To Change My Injury Claim Lawyer?

Is It Too Late To Change My Injury Claim Lawyer?

Whether you have just started your personal injury claim or you are a few months into it, it is never too late to change your injury claim lawyer. However, whether it is worth changing to another injury lawyer is another matter entirely.

Legal Fees

The main consideration you should have when thinking about changing to another lawyer is who is going to foot the bill for your existing lawyer’s fees. Under your no win, no fee agreement, you will be bound by a clause stating that you will incur costs if you cancel your claim early. Those costs will be your lawyer’s fees.

The usual way around this is to have your existing lawyer and your new lawyer communicate with one another. They will hash out what is called a ‘binding promise’. This is a workaround that usually stipulates that your old lawyer can recover their costs from your compensation amount upon case success, or from the other side. Potentially, this means that two lawyers will take a percentage of your compensation figure. Under UK law, the current maximum a lawyer can take as a fee is 25 percent. That’s not 25 percent each though – under the circumstances it is the maximum amount they can take between them.

As a result, some lawyers will not be happy with taking a smaller percentage, but this is the way the legal system works and being bound by the law means that you, the claimant, have every right to change to another injury claim lawyer. If you want to switch to a lawyer with UK Claim Lawyers (visit site), for example, your new solicitor will communicate with your old solicitor and an agreement will be made. Your own input in the matter will be minimal.

Is it worth changing My Injury Claim Lawyer?

Most people choose to change to another injury claim lawyer because they are dissatisfied with how their claim is being processed. It’s usually a time-based decision; most claimants get disillusioned with how long their claim is taking. However, it’s important to remember that the claims process is a challenging one and that the person your claim is against is likely an insurer, and insurance companies are notoriously slow at processing claims. So it may not be your solicitor’s fault that your claim is taking months to process.

If you do not like your solicitor, then obviously you should switch to another one. Liking your solicitor personally makes the claims process much more palatable, but again, it’s important to bear in mind that your personal like for a solicitor does not mean they are not qualified to work your claim. Sometimes, it’s simply best to stick with a solicitor and see a claim through.