Is Running Hungry Good For You? The Answers Are Here.

Running hungry is not a great idea, but people do it everyday. Many people practice it-but running on an empty stomach is like a car without any gas. You cannot get anywhere on nothing. Your body may even cramp up. There are so many runners that begin running without eating that there is a lifestyle website set up for it. There are many people that believe running hungry does not affect your progress at all. But, it is important to remember different runners have different types of needs. There are some that eat a large meal the night before a run and suffer from gas and other abdominal pains the day after. There are others that can push themselves to run before eating without any physical repercussions and then there are the majority of us who need to eat or drink before a run.

A runner who has low blood sugar, diabetes, and other health issues should consult a dietitian or nutritionist before running. There are many joggers that have a snack while running-these offer a runner with low blood sugar the opportunity to have a productive experience. Researchers say that a snack every two miles is the basic ratio to ensure proper health while running.

Most people like to run the first thing in the morning. When you have a busy routine-many find themselves running on an empty stomach as a necessity. Experts say that it is a bad idea to run first thing in the morning. When you awaken, your body has literally fasted all night long. You have no fuel in your car so to speak, so running on empty is going to shorten the amount of time you can endure the physical workout. The body will tap into your stored lean body mass first and your fat tissue second. The body, will be in a very stressed state, and will send out the stress hormone cortisol, which will decrease the benefit of your running experienced. Jake Roberts said “every moment is an experience.” and your running workout is no different. Hopefully, you have only had great experiences and have chosen to eat before working out.

Top Four Reasons Why Running on Empty is a Bad Idea

  • Your body will release a stress hormone which will shorten the amount of time you can run.
  • You will be using your stored lean muscle to compensate for your lack of food.
  • Your fat store is used up after the body has used up the stored muscle mass.
  • You may suffer from cramping, headaches, fatigue, dehydration and stiffness.

Many dietitians recommend eating a small meal in the morning. This means even a glass of watered down orange juice and a scoop of whey protein in the morning can do the trick. Also, yogurt and a cup of coffee with a piece of bread and jam is also another great breakfast option. Breakfast is so important to a runner and should never be skipped. It is also part of an overall healthy running regime. A morning premium meal is very important which should be influenced by the length of time that you plan on running. The more you run, the less likely it will be enjoyable on a skipped meal. The size of the meal you eat the night before can also influence whether your run is productive or a horror.

A light snack, is an easy way to make sure that you have energy for your run. For some runners, they can perform expertly with no food early in the morning. They only need a little bit of food to get themselves going in the morning. Some others, do not recommend having a cup of coffee in the morning because it can cause you to loose energy. Some people find themselves having a hard time twenty minutes into their run.

Many athletes eat a well balanced meal before training. When you exercise, your adrenaline is high, and your insulin is low. Many find that they need to eat a balanced meal before working out. Basically, if you eat a healthy meal or snack before a run-you will have a rewarding experience.

There have been many studies that show how badly some people perform when they are have not had a balanced meal pre-workout. Sometimes looking into a treadmill by reading Live strong Treadmill reviews can make running easier. That way, you do not have to leave the house to have a great experience.

Colette Davis, is a full time writer, author, and mother of three who works out daily. She has learned the benefits of reading and writing treadmill reviews for She jogs, practices yoga, rides horses, participates with local outing groups and finds the time to be a great mother and wife. Working out is her lifestyle choice and it is very rewarding.