Is The Age Of Corporate Power Suits Coming To An End?

Making a Statement

The traditional, sober tailoring that we all associate with politicians could be about to undergo its last hurrah. While fashion designers have experimented this summer with pastel coloured casual blazers, worn with t-shirts, various styles of denim and espadrilles, recent fashion shows point to trends where the whole suit will be taken over by bright colour.

With statement suits set to be one of the most dominating trends throughout 2013, is it realistic to consider the prospect of these beginning to appear in corporate boardrooms?

Twisted Tailoring

Putting a daring twist on the suit is not a new trend. For years, blazers with jeans have become more and more of a casual look, so much so to the point that it is now almost getting boring. It is about time that something else came along to grab interest and cause a stir in the world of fashion.

So what are the key trends that will make tailoring stand out over the next 18 months.

Footwear Maintenance

I still have not yet quite figured out whether a guy in a blazer and suit shorts is a cool or ridiculous look, but what is excellent is how the shorts always remain accompanied by the same shoe. If you are going to go for shorts as a trouser alternative next year, then look to buy yourself a great pair of boots or something equally as inspirational to bring the entire look to life.

Adding Colour

Loud and brash colours have been everywhere in fashion this year, except for in men’s tailoring. Expect it to make the move next year, however, and be prepared to be daring whether you are wearing something bright red, lime green or sky blue. I can’t wait to produce the column talking about how to match shirts and ties to such loud and over the top colour schemes, putting those outfits together could really be something else!


Patterns will become a much bigger part of men’s tailoring trends, however this is where you really need to be extremely fashion savvy. In the same way you would never clash a shirt and tie, the same has to apply to jacket and trouser here. My advice would be to pattern the jacket every time, and play safe on the trouser. Take a look at some of the camouflage blazers doing the rounds on the new season catwalks, and you will see where I am coming from.

Take a step away from the corporate world, and prepare to add bright and bold to your tailoring wardrobe next year.

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