Is The IPad Mini A Good Buy Or Not?

Not long ago, Apple presented another awesome new iPad to the world, except this time, it has been miniaturized. This special little iPad is no other than the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini is a device which was created in response to direct market pressure from the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Nexux 7. Both of these cheaper alternatives had, apparently, been exerting a lot of pressure on the iPad for some time so Apple decided to create a smaller version of the iPad.

The iPad Mini could fit any lifestyle

Is it worth the funds to purchase an iPad Mini or just go big and get the regular iPad? The answer to
this question may be solely dependent your tastes and what features you need for your lifestyle. The decisions we make about the mobile devices and computers we choose to include in our orbit are based on our individualistic lifestyles such as work, family, school, soccer mom or personal “me” time. The iPad Mini will definitely have to suit one’s world on a regular basis so you should probably through all factors into the mix.

Thinner and lighter, but just the same quality

The iPad Mini has its own defining specs when comparing it with other tablets out in the market. Though it is a smaller version of the regular iPad, it’s surely one little power house of a mobile device in every sense of the word. The iPad Mini’s screen is only 7.9 inches, but it has the same resolution as the iPad2. It’s also thinner than any of the other competing tablets weighing in at an amazing 0.68 pounds, making it lighter and thinner than the fourth-generation iPad. You can easily hold it in the palm of your hand. It also has the very same dual core chip as the iPad2, which was officially released in 2011.

The user experience is the most important part of the iPad Mini. This is something that Apple has always managed to enhance with all of its leading products. The mini includes everything you love about the iPad – the stunning screen, fast performance, FaceTime, thousands of awesome apps, and 10 hour batter life. But the best thing is you can hold all of this in one hand. So, with this said, the iPad Mini is indeed a good buy. The Mini is mighty!

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Written by author Ben Tanner, sharing his interest of mobile accessories and new technology.