Is Your Business Accessible Enough For People With Disabilities?

When opening your own business, there are lots of things to bear in mind. But one of the most important issues is to ensure that your business is accessible to everyone. Whether you have lots of visitors and customers on a regular basis or you rarely have any. You need to make sure that your business is adapted to suit people with disabilities, this is not only to make your building more accessible to customers and visitors but also making it more accessible to your employees.
Not only should you check the inside of your business to ensure that it is accessible to disabled people. But you also need to check that the outside and entrance of the building is suitable for disabled people.

If you believe your business needs improving to make it more accessible to less able people then you should look at these easy adaptions which you can make to your business, to make sure that visitors and customers are more comfortable moving around your building.

Grab Rails

Grab rails should be included around the building. This is to ensure that all people feel comfortable whilst travelling in and outside the building. Grab rails should be installed outside the building, so that when people are travelling up to the entrance of the building they can feel stable and safe. They should also be installed along corridors in the building and in bathrooms.

Entrance to the Building

You need to make sure that the entrance to the building is completely accessible to all people and that they are no obstructions in the way. You can ensure that disabled people can gain entrance to the business easily by making sure that paving is always smooth. Block paving which is in place on most streets is often uneven causing more trips than any other type of paving. Tactile paving is more suitable and safer for disabled people to use.
If the outside of your business is only accessible by steps, you should also look at getting a conversion and getting a slope also available. This will allow people with a lot less mobility to gain entrance to your building with ease.

Universal Design

You should ensure that your business is friendly and accessible to both people, those with disabilities and those without any disabilities. You can do this by ensuring that doorways and corridors are wide, this will allow people with disabilities to fit through the corridors and doorways with ease, without feeling unwelcome.
By including disability aids to your building, you will make sure that all your visitors, customers and employees feel welcome to the building and can move around the building with complete ease.
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