Is Your Company Equipment up to Standards?

Whether you have been in business a short time or years, you want to make sure you have top equipment and resources. This is especially the case when working out of one or more large warehouse settings.

With that thought in mind, is your company equipment up to the standards you need it to be for your success?

If it is not, you could be losing out on sales and of course revenue.

Review Your Equipment to Make Sure It Does the Job

In reviewing the pieces of equipment you need to get the job done, take time to see if you have shortcomings.

An example of this would be if your warehouse has troubles related to temperatures.

Does your equipment and the products you make out of your warehouse have issues with being too hot or too cold? If so; you could have problems getting work done on time.

That said it may well be worth your time to go online and see if a chiller would be a good acquisition for your business.

With the right chiller in place in, you are able to lower the temp on your equipment and the materials there. As such, you can stop worrying about overheating being an issue in production.

If searching online for a chiller, it is smart to determine what’s the right chiller size for your company’s needs.

You can go about this by figuring out what the arriving water temp is and also the flow rate you are dealing with.

Determine the temperature differential, followed by calculating the BTU (British Thermal Unit). From there, figure out the tons of cooling capacity and oversize the chiller at 20% before rounding up. Once you have your final figure, you can move forward with what size (tons) chiller you will need.

If you know other businesses you are friendly with that use chillers, get with them. You can look for any recommendations they have on such items.

Between doing that and your online research, you should be able to come up with exactly what it is you need.

Whether 3d printing needs, plastics, injection molds or other needs chill temperatures. Doing this makes your machinery run right.

Monitor Equipment for Safety Regulations

Along with making sure equipment is working right, be sure it is meeting all regulations.

Stop for a moment to think about how one serious injury in your warehouse could result in a myriad of problems.

First, there is the issue of a worker suffering potentially life-threatening injuries.

Second, you can end up with fines by officials when determined your equipment failed.

Regular equipment reviews and safety drills lower odds of your business winding up in a bad spot.

When your company’s equipment is up to standards, it is a win-win situation.

You produce what your customers’ desire on time and your team goes home each day safe and having done their jobs.

So, take time during the year to review company equipment so that you can better focus on more sales and increasing your revenue.