It Is Easy Being Green

Being green has never been more popular than it is now, nor has it ever been more cost effective. In the past people often thought going green often meant doing something extreme, like living in a cave or something, but the truth is there are some very simple things you can do to go green. Oh, did I mention that it also saves money? Here are some ideas.

We have seen some record setting summers in the last few years. Due to this the issue of water conservation has become increasingly more importantly than ever. Saving water can also save on your water bill as well. One simple way to do so is to plant local environmentally friendly, regional plants and brush. Ever see pictures of those lawns in Arizona with lush, thick, green grass? Only problem is it is Arizona! It is a desert! How much water does it take to maintain that? Instead consider planting a cactus garden or a Southwest themes lawn with Joshua Trees and other local plants. Even an aesthetically pleasing rock garden can add a lot to your yard.

Everyone hates to mow the lawn but did you know you can make mowing your lawn so much more efficient for your lawn and grass? Try using a mulch blade instead of a regular blade. A mulch blade cuts the grass into fine, tiny particles and distributes them back onto the lawn. Not only does this save you time on bagging, but more importantly it acts as a natural fertilizer to renew growth. Equally important it keeps moisture trapped in the soil thus cutting back on your need for more water.

Moving further inside your house there are things you can do to keep your electricity bill down as well. Did you know that lighting can account for as much as 10% of your electric bill? Energy efficient light bulbs have gotten to be so effective that they can reduce that energy rate anywhere between 50%-70%. They do cost a little more upfront but the investment saves you more in the end.  They also last longer than regular light bulbs do.

Sometimes Mother Nature does it best and you can’t get more efficient then natural sunlight. Daylight is one of the best ways to light your home and save on electricity. Granted, if your already own a home it may not be designed for this, but if you are buying a new home or refinance to remodel it is something to invest in. Large, bay windows not only look good but can easily light up an entire room. Windows should be built facing North and South so as to optimize daylight hours. Additionally the old standby of sky lights can be very useful as well.

Jeff Jordan writes and lives happily ever after in SoCal. He writes about life, cars, real estate and cool stuff.  One good example of good green home is new homes San Diego.