It’s Hurricane Season: Is Your Family Prepared?

The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1, and in the first month, hurricane Debby threatened the states of the Gulf Coast. The season does not end until November, and everyone living on the southern and eastern coasts should always be prepared for the worst. Hurricanes are among the world’s most devastating storm systems, and the threat they pose should not be taken lightly. If you and your family are prepared, then you can alleviate some of the risk, but one mistake many people make is not putting a reliable fire & water damage restoration on a list of emergency numbers.

The Power of Hurricanes
Hurricanes are powerful storm systems that originate in the tropical regions of the Atlantic Ocean. When they are at sea, they cannot do much harm, but if they reach land, they can cause severe devastation from high winds, flooding and accompanying tornados.
Preseason Preparations
Preparations for hurricanes should begin before the hurricane season starts. The first thing you will want to do is gather information about emergency plans in your area. This information includes the storm surge risk for your property, evacuation routes and emergency shelter locations. It is also recommended that you create a list of useful contacts that includes telephone numbers for all of the following:
• City, county and state law enforcement agencies
• Hospitals
• Utility companies
• Your home insurance company
• A reliable fire & water damage restoration company
Emergency Hurricane Supplies
Hurricane preparedness requires you to put together an emergency supply kit that contains all five emergency essentials:

  • Food and water – You should store three gallons of water per person and a three-day supply of nonperishable food.
  • First aid – You will need a comprehensive first aid kit that includes nonprescription drugs.
    Tools and supplies – Your kit should contain flashlights, batteries, an emergency radio, mess kits, matches and basic tools.
  • Clothing, bedding and hygiene products – Extra clothing, shoes and warm blankets will be needed. In addition, you will need soap and toiletries.
  • Special supplies – Special supplies include baby supplies, pet supplies and medical necessities.

Hurricane Landfall
If a hurricane is schedule to make landfall, it will be necessary to listen to a weather radio for updates and evacuation warnings. If you do not plan to evacuate, you will need to board up your windows and secure all doors. Finally, wait out the storm in the safest location of your home.
If you experience a power outage, flooding or have large debris that needs to be cleared after the hurricane has passed, you already have your emergency number to obtain the necessary fire & water damage restoration for your home.
Jill Burbank is a blogger with a love for weather patterns. Follow her @JillBurbank2.