Its Time To Upgrade Your Bathroom With Graff Bathroom Faucets

Your bathroom serves a purpose so much greater than its original intention; times have changed since the outhouse.  It often serves as an oasis, an escape from the stresses of everyday life. Most people start their day in the bathroom and end their day as well. People even take pictures in the bathroom. So you need to be sure that your bathroom is looking better then ever. offers many bathroom upgrades. Some of the best upgrade they offer are from Graff bathroom fixtures.

Classic Look

Graff offers a series of old fashioned style faucets that have an antique appearance.  The Canterbury collection will bring you back to the Victorian era.  The Bali collection is reminiscent of an old fashioned water pump. There are several types of bathroom faucets available, such as wall mounted or three hole, so you can easily replace your current faucets or choose something that fits your perfect new sink.  There are multiple finishes, such as polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel or olive bronze.

Modern Look

There are several modern styles of Graff bathroom faucets.  These include the Targa, Solar, Fontaine and Stealth.  All of these collections are unique, featuring different shapes.  They also have many types available as well as a few different finishes from which to choose. Most of these fixtures are solid colors and will look more modern and will fit most styles of bathrooms.

Simple Look

Graff sells a line of simple and minimalist bathroom faucets that are meant for those who don’t like things too flashy.  The collections include Terra, Phase and M.E. 25.  Again, they have different types, such as single hole and widespread, and are available in the limited number of finishes.

Futuristic Look

Graff has a few collections that evoke a futuristic style.  The Ametis is inspired by water movement and has an LED light that indicates temperature changes. As the water gets hotter the lights will turn red, colder the lights turn blue.  The Luna is inspired by the crescent moon.  These collections have a few different finishes from which to choose.

Your paradise is personal.  For a wide selection of bathroom faucets to make yours perfect, take a look at what Graff bathroom fixtures has to offer.