Jackie Stiffend Charged With Murder In West Garfield Park Shooting Death Of LaChris Hendricks

Jackie Stiffend Charged With Murder In West Garfield Park Shooting Death Of LaChris Hendricks

Jackie Stiffend aged 26 has been charged in Nov 25th with murder, killing one of the friends who helped him in the payback scheme, and his partner LaChris Hendricks dead aged of 32.

Cook County Criminal Court Judge Peggy Chiampas set bail for Stiffend with a fine of $250,000 midday in 17 march 2014.

According to chicago prosecutors report, On Nov. 24, Stiffend, Hendricks, and two other people were robbed at gunpoint by four people at a liquor store near Kedzie in East Garfield Park. The robbers took cash and jewelry from Stiffend and his friends.

Stiffend knew that where the four robbers hung out, planned his revenge with Hendricks and their two other friends, prosecutors said. The four went to Stiffend’s home in the 300 block of North Franciso and got two guns, which Stiffend and Hendricks armed themselves with, then, planning to get their property back from the robbers, went to the 2900 block of West Jackson Boulevard, where they thought the robbers hung out. The four planned to go up to the robbers, shoot them and take back their belongings.

Stiffend and Hendricks began shooting into the car, hitting one of the passengers in the buttocks and hamstring, and one person in the car may have started firing.

According to the reports of Cook County Medical Examiner’s office Hendricks, died at Mount Sinai Hospital at 3:23 a.m. Nov. 26, during the shoot-out, he was shot in his chest, arm and hand. Police were not confirm whether Stiffend or one of the men inside the car was responsible to Hendricks death.

According to court and police records Stiffend told to the people that he and Hendricks shoot at the white car and during the shooting Hendricks was killed. At the time of the shooting, Stiffend was out on bail in a 2012 weapons case, he was arrested about 7:30 p.m. on June 9, 2012, in the 1500 block of South St. Louis Avenue.

Stiffend, staying at 300 block of North Francisco Avenue, was arrested March 15 2014 and charged with murder because his accomplice died during the commission of a robbery, police said. He was also charged with one count of aggravated battery with a firearm, police said.

Griffin a lawyer of Cook County Criminal Court said that he was convicted in 2010 of a misdemeanor gun crime and completed two years of probation.

Andrea Webber a public defender of Chicago state said that Stiffend was married, he has two children — ages 4 and 5, He has no felony convictions and he works at his brother’s grocery store.