Jamaica: Living An Island Dream

Jamaica can be found at the heart of the Caribbean Sea. This former British colony remains a member of the Commonwealth till present. Its great tropical climate and gorgeous beaches have attracted tourists for decades, although the island has so much more to offer than sun, sand and sea.

It has wonderful reefs with some of the best diving sites, a mountainous interior with lush pockets of jungles and a wide variety of flora & fauna. Tens of thousands of people visit Jamaica each year, some accessing the island by cruise ships and others arriving by air. Jamaica boasts three international airports, with the largest being Sangster International Airport (MBJ). Travellers from the UK considering a holiday in Jamaica have some good flights options with perhaps the most popular one being Virgin Atlantic who fly from London Gatwick (LGW).

Cascading Beauty

Besides the great climate and beaches, there are a number of other attractions that Jamaica has to offer visitors on holiday. One of the most spectacular of these is Dunns River Falls which is situated in Ocho Rios. The waters which cascade down from over 600 feet make it a “must see” attraction. It is even possible to climb to the top of them. Most hotels will offer a tour to the falls.

Sunshine Reggae

Anyone visiting Jamaica will soon understand how reggae music and in particular Bob Marley have played an important role in the country. Some people might like to take a trip to Nine Mile, which is where the musician was born and later buried. Jamaica is also well known as a country which produces some world class athletes and if a holiday coincides with an athletics event, a trip there would be highly recommended. What better way to see the world champions of the future?!

Where to stay

Jamaica has a number of accommodation options to choose from, which range from holiday rental properties through to youth hostels and from basic beach cabins through to luxury hotels. Some of the best hotels on the island, include the Sandals Royal Plantation which is perhaps the most exclusive property with its butlers and world class service and the Ritz Carlton Rose Hall which has a secluded beach and perfect setting. These hotels and others can all be booked online individually or as part of a package which includes flights.

Eating out

Whilst staying on the island, tourists should definitely try some of the local cuisine. Whilst it has a reputation for being spicy, this is not always the case. At the very least, jerk chicken should be tried, along with goat curry and bammy, which is a pancake like food eaten for breakfast. Sugar cane is also a popular local staple and kids everywhere can be seen peeling strips of them and suck on the sweet raw cane inside.

With its mix of great beaches, good weather and exotic location, a holiday in Jamaica appeals to a wide range of people. Whether visiting the country for a vacation, a honeymoon or even to get married, there are an ample number of quality hotels that will help to make a stay in Jamaica a pleasant and a memorable one.

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