Japanese-style Bathroom Renovation Will Save Time And Money

A bathroom renovation need not be a nightmare event that costs a lot in time and money. Space, simplicity, serenity and ample light can turn even the most minimalistic bathrooms into works of envy and awe. You can have a spa like experience along with Zen like bliss if renovation is done along the lines of a Japanese style inspired one. One of the best aspects is the effortless style and elegant beauty that resides in such a bathroom that can be had at a much lower cost than most modernistic contraptions.

Lined with peace
Neutral shades or those in beige, cream and white are the most preferred for this look as it will have a timeless appeal, be bright and airy and also make a compact bathroom appear more relaxed and spacious. Mosaic rectangular tiles that are thin stripped and a bit long can be set as a backsplash to the bath. These lines will add to the reposed feel. You can have awning windows set beside the bath to let in sunlight and the bath can be tile lined with the same tiling pattern that forms the backsplash.

A touch of wood
A cute wooden ledge or shelf mounted near the bath can hold necessities like soap and shampoo. To further enhance the look, try to use a ceramic soap dish and have natural or artificial plants in a white pot standing on one of these ledges. Tiny effects like tealight candles in white on one corner of the bath can give a slightly spa-like look. Bamboo blinds or those made or organic materials can be used for a more earth-centered charm. The countertop for the basin can be of wood and so can the finishing of vanity cabinets.

Get mirrored
Balance the wood with mirrors or cabinets that are wall- mounted above the sink and toilet area with mirror doors. A simple plain rectangular mirror without frames will help enhance this look especially if they are the same size as the cabinets. This will have a wall to wall mirror effect.

Bath matters
A nice rectangular bath in a corner by the window that is fitted between two walls has a snug look and makes the bath looks larger than it actually is. Pale grey shower curtains or a frosted glass screen with wooden frames can make your shower-cum-bath a very modern and up-to-date area. Porcelain plain white tiles will give floors a brighter look and you can save more space by mounting towel holders on the side of a vanity cabinet.

Get that basin right
A basin area resting on a wooden platform that complements the countertop can add some warmth of solid wood to the neutrality of white shades. A countertop mirror with rounded edges in a square shape will make the basin area appear bigger than it actually is. Wall-mounted lever taps can complete this look with a neat and modernistic finish. Beneath the basin, you can have a white hamper for dirty clothes or towels and also a small vanity cabinet on one side.

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