Jarring Accident: How to Recover from Serious Whiplash

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that whiplash injuries are the most common injuries referenced during an auto insurance claim. In 2017, the IIHS claimed payouts for whiplash related injuries reached close to 9 billion dollars. Since there are almost 6 million car accidents in the United States, auto-related whiplash is the second most cause of lingering pain caused by a physical incident.


The things you have to get done days after an accident can be disorienting and a huge hassle. These problems are compounded significantly when a whiplash injury is involved. Not only do you need to worry about the financial and paperwork consequences of an accident- you need to worry about your health. There are ways to help your body to recover from serious whiplash, which we will examine in this article.


What Causes Whiplash?

Whiplash occurs when your neck is suddenly extended in response to outward pressure. Generally, this happens due to car accidents, but can happen as a result of moving at fast speeds using other vehicles. Oftentimes whiplash is excruciatingly painful at first and declines in pain over time. Effects can linger for years afterward. The two people you need to see afterward are a good doctor followed by a professional personal injury lawyer.


Seek Medical Attention Immediately

It may be surprising, but many folks try to “walk off” injuries from automobile accidents. This comes from people wanting to avoid costly ambulance rides, or just not wanting to worry about medical issues when their car is on the side of the road. It is incredibly important that you get yourself checked out at the accident scene. Afterward, it is a good practice to see a doctor regarding your accident. They may refer you to a specialist if they feel something is off.


Develop and Follow through with a Rehabilitation Plan

In order to get to your goal- recovering from serious whiplash- it is important that you have a plan to get there. Your doctor along with other medical specialists will help you to develop a rehabilitation plan that is matched to your abilities and your injury. Experts have trained for years to develop these strategies, so unless something seems really off it is best to listen to them when it comes to your rehab.


Whiplash does not have to ruin your quality of life. While it is a malady that no one wants to get, there are solutions available to help you get back to 100%.