Jay Alan Blackmore Says On Traveling and Budget Based Photography

Jay Alan Blackmore Says On Traveling and Budget Based Photography

Mundane everyday routine frustrating you? Want a Quick change of weather and environment? What better way to satisfy your heart and body than traveling! Traveling is an inspiring recreational past-time that allows you to detach yourself from your everyday responsibilities as you enjoy a quick change. For some, traveling is more than just ‘going on a vacation’. According to Jay Alan Blackmore that traveling is a great passion. While most of us do it for an enlivening experience, there are lots of people who are avidly passionate about taking vacations to a whole new level.

A level where they cannot only connect with their inner self-but can also bring back along with them a vast collection of unforgettable memories. Yes! We are talking about photography lovers! However, we have all had those days when we had to cancel a summer trip to the hills just because we were falling short of the necessary budget. However, for an ardent travel photography lover, that is never a situation to compromise. Here’s what you need to do, to have a gala time traveling and photographing while still being friendly on your pocket.

  • Go for the cheapest option ever: When traveling in a budget, always opt for the cheapest possible way to travel to your destination, provided you keep your safety in mind. Instead of taking the plane, why don’t you try a road trip or a train ride there. Who knows, you might come across some more stupefying destinations on the way.
  • No over packing: When traveling with an aim to photograph, over packing is a strict no-no. Travel light with all your essential gears and necessities packed in a light traveling bag- something that won’t weigh you down and make you late.
  • Keep your database ready: when traveling on a budget is the option, try planning a blueprint before anything else. Choking out a plan allows you to plan your destinations, the travel path and the estimated costs better. Try researching on the destination to find out the necessary gears required and you’re all set to go!
  • Take utmost care of you and your gears: Falling sick while traveling not only slows you down, but also affects the mood of the trip. In fact, it is not just your health that should be taken care of, but also your essential gears for photography. Don’t chance on risky situations where you might suffer a lagging in the free flowing vacation.
  • Safety first: Camera gears cost a lot, and so does your life! While traveling to an unknown destination, we cannot always rely on the locals to give us a helping hand. Jay Alan Blackmore that one should make sure that traveling kit is well insured and most importantly, make sure you don’t land up in trouble trying to get that perfect shot.

Travel apps don’t just include post-editing applications. When we say travel apps, it includes everything from low costing hotels to the best economical eateries in and around the area. Traveling apps will give you a framework of the budgeted options that you can levy.

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