Jedward – From X Factor To Entertaining A Nation

What is there really to say about a crazy pair like Jedward?! Love them or hate them, they have certainly cheered up a depressed financially strained nation over the last few years…

Ever since they popped up on X Factor a couple of years ago, John and Edward Grimes have made their own unique mark on the UK and Ireland pop scene, and even further afield. The nation thought Louis Walsh was completely crazy when he choose them in his top acts to progress in the X factor, but he saw the money making potential of these hyperactive teenagers. And boy was he right! They have made millions since!

The people of Ireland even love them so much that they were chosen to sing for President Obama when he visited the country, and then they have managed to get the most votes in ‘The Song for Ireland’ to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest not once, but twice!!! Unfortunately they didn’t win on either occasion, but they certainly made their mark on Europe and were definitely one of the most popular and memorable acts of the competitions.

They have done numerous sold out gigs, have gone double platinum with two of their albums and number one with a few singles. The police have even had to stop record signings in music stores on a few occasions due to excessive amounts of mad screaming teenagers proving a danger to the public!

So what is it about these two spikey haired twins that has made them so popular with so many nations???  It must have something to do with their endless and overpowering energy that they exude consistently. They never stop talking and doing cartwheels and they almost suck the audience into their own Jedward world that seems so much fun!  It’s a case of ‘can we have some of whatever they are on?!’

Whatever their secret is, they really have made their mark on the world. They are on the verge of being annoying, but somehow get away with it, and are loved by kids and adults alike. Jedward fever has hit the nation, and it seems they are here to stay (well for at least another year or two anyways…) It may seem that they are on another planet most of the time, but Planet Jedward certainly seems like a fun place to be!

Jamie is an avid pop music fan who has written about Jedward for