Job Searching For The Mature Seeker

We’re always talking about the trials and tribulations of job searching in a tough market and under trying conditions. More often than not this is directed at high school or college graduates who are searching for their first real job. However, there are plenty of people out there who are reintroduced to this process after either being retrenched or quitting their jobs to move on to “greener” pastures. So how do you do it? How does an over 40 get back into the market place? Here are a few tips to help tackle the situation.

1. Traditionalists

It is often believed that the older generations are stuck in their ways when it comes to approaching the search process. They do not embrace job searching under modernised methods and this can lead to them missing out on a lot of opportunities. By the same token, employers sometimes view the elder candidates as not being able to adapt to new surroundings and technology.

2. Employer’s Confidence

Ultimately the process of job searching – whether it is after trawling hordes of websites or being a reference from a friend – comes down to instantly striking the right cord with the employer. Once they’ve glanced at the date of birth at the top of your CV they would have formed an opinion already. It is hard to shake the ‘overqualified’ label and this may move the interviewer to thinking that this position may just be your thoroughfare to a better offer. To combat this try specifically tailoring the information on your CV to suit the qualifications needed. This is a crucial part of job searching. 

3. CV Treatment 

With decades of experience behind you, searching for a job proves challenging if you plan to include all your previous places of employment, skills learnt, and projects accomplished. As mentioned above, create a unique CV highlighting the most relevant accomplishments from your times in the working world. Dragging your CV out will just give the impression that you might be ready to pack up soon, as you have done at various stages in your life. Shortening your CV makes you look fresh, and searching for that perfect job may be made easier for this. 

4. Age Appropriateness  

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Make the most of your age by bringing out the advantages it has. If you make that interview, talk about what you’ve learnt over time (without reminiscing too much) and assure the interviewer of the experience that you will bring to the (boardroom) table. Your job searching process will be all the better for it.

Dave Peterson enjoys all aspects of business. He’ll happily travel to a far off country looking for office space to let, as his branch expands. But he’s equally as satisfied drafting eomployment contracts for new employess.