Joomla – The Instant Web Developer

Acquiring a large market place is the most critical milestone that any business would like to achieve. With the online market playing a major role in bringing in potential customers for a business, building a website has become a fundamental requirement. So any client would like to get their website built and hosted on the internet, as fast as possible. To the clients’ fortune, joomla, the most popular content management system, enables rapid development of a website. joomla is feature rich and building a rich website is just a matter of hours.

Joomla is creating a revolution among the web development sector, as the development of a website doesn’t demand for any technical skills. This makes it easy for the business users to ensure that the website comes out as they envisioned. Management of the website is taken care of by the content management system and hence the effort and resources required in maintaining the website is minimal.

Joomla’s Success Factor

The exciting feature of joomla that makes it more popular is its extensibility. If the developers are not satisfied with any of the features that joomla provides out of the box, they can extend those features to suit their business requirements. Due to its simplicity, joomla is currently being used by more than 200,000 users and hence the community is strong enough to support future developers to go for joomla.

Another critical factor that has resulted in the extensive usage of joomla is, it is an open source content management system and hence it is available free of cost. From a developer’s perspective, the only thing that is required to start building joomla based websites is to download the latest version of joomla, into his or her local machine.

Not satisfied with joomla’s components?

More often, developers will come across a situation where they need to extend any of joomla’s components to suit their design requirements. At the time of writing this article, there are already a huge number of plugins available in the internet, which has extended joomla’s features. So most probably, the feature that a developer is trying to achieve is already available in one of these plugins. Even if it is not available, extending joomla’s features is not a complex task and hence the required functionality can be achieved rapidly.


Joomla is an easy to use content management system, and the developers would love to use it. Content and feature rich websites can easily be created and this is the web development software that perfectly suits the fast and competitive business world, where every client wants his or her website hosted, almost immediately.

Looking for the most efficient and rapid web development software? “Here I am” says joomla.

Daniel Ruyter has been developing and optimizing websites for clients for over 5 years and writes on behalf of Alpha Tree Marketing.