Jumping Through The Television: Which TV Show Would You Choose To Be Immersed In?

I spent an unusual amount of time (for me) on the sofa this weekend lazing about in front of the TV.I caught up with some shows I had lost track of, was introduced to some new ones, and spent more time than I should have watching crappy re-runs.
I wondered, if I had to choose and they were in fact real, which life I would like to be swept up in. I considered the characters’ outfits, the time period, and the sets.

Image by Kevin Simpson.
Would I rather be strutting around the office like the women of Ugly Betty, or out taking down bad guys like Olivia Benson in Law and Order: SVU?
How about you, if you could trade your daily life for one of these, which would it be?
1. The Office – USA
This award winning mockumentary is a favourite among viewers. People seem to love the dry sense of humour and the great interaction between the cast.
The show is hilarious and while I would love to hang out with Mindy Kaling, I don’t think I could stand that boring office setting day after day.
It definitely looks a bit too much like real life for comfort!
2. Law and Order:  SVU
Watching this show made me want to fight bad guys and put them behind bars, but you have to be really tough to deal with what these TV characters see on the daily.
3. Mad Men
I have mixed feelings about whether or not I could be thrown into the world of Don Draper. Handsome men, yes please. Amazing fashion, gimme gimme! Overwhelming patriarchy, uh no thanks!
As an incredibly independent woman who loves her freedom, I don’t think the 1960’s are for me.
4. Criminal Minds
Another super-popular crime show, they seem to be taking over television. Very different from the grit of Law and Order, the Criminal Minds cast spend most of their time on a private jet. A sweet upside to their exceedingly demanding jobs, the jet really is stunning. However, I don’t know if even a private jet and Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore, would be enough to have me facing psychopathic serial killers on a weekly basis.
5. Ugly Betty
Despite the show’s title there is nothing ugly about this show. The fashion, the people, the office. If it weren’t for the cattiness and the absurd soap opera drama the characters are constantly swooped up in I would love to walk the ultra modern halls of the Mode office.
The bright trendy furniture, the glass office partitions, the oval-shaped hallways – très chic.
As much as I might love the fashion found in these shows, or the incredibly good-looking men, I don’t think I could ever put up with the absurd drama that makes TV shows so addicting, so I’ll gratefully stick to my comparably humble, lovely life.
Elise Lévêque blogs for Applied Workplace, and has a passion for fashion! She loves exploring the art world, in any medium.