Jurgen Kilnsmann has Plans to Improve US Soccer


Jurgen Klinsmann, United States soccer coach seems quite determined to make a world class American soccer team. He wants the American player to become nastier. More training with nutrition and less vacation time is what they need to improve their game.

Klinsmann is a former World Cup and European Champion from Germany. Last week, US got a blow of 4-1 defeat from world champion Brazil. Klinsmann, just a few hours before the match, said that we need to become a more soccer nation with urgency.

Since 1950s, American soccer team had not been qualified up until 1990s. The famous upset by the US team in 1950 world cup is still remembered when they defeated England by 1-0. They have been able to manage to qualify since the last six world cups. Their previous coaches were; Steve Sampson, Bruce Arena, Bob Bradley, Bora Milutinovic and Bob Gansler.

The recent performances of the American team have been even poorer. During the CONCACAF Gold Cup, their big defeat to Mexico with a 4-2 shows that their position is worse than before. This is widening the gap between them and the world’s top teams.

Klinsmann entered into an agreement with US Soccer Federation to coach the team when he was living in Orange County, California with his American wife. He got retirement as a player in 1998.

Once taking the charge, he made a number of aggressive approaches to revamp the team. Three times a day training sessions were implemented by him. He is also trying to improve the defense by changing to a more open style playing. They are taking the lead of Barcelona which is one of the most respected clubs in the world.

After initially having a few setbacks, the US team has won five consecutive matches under Klinsmann’s coaching. These matches include: the first ever US victory over Italy in the history. Italy is a four time world champion in Soccer.

Klinsmann is a highly talented former player of Germany. His playing career for Germany spans 12 years from 1987-1998. He played 108 games during this period scoring 47 goals. His goal score in the world cups is 11.

Klinsmann is striving to get the US team “to play more the way it did under Bradley as a coach”. Under Bradley, the team’s strategy was to focus more and more of defense while playing with stronger opponents.

US team’s first win under Klinsmann came last October when they defeated Honduras. The players have so far not been able to make personal interaction with the coach. His approach is to get the job done. He is of the opinion that making friends is not what he is to do. What he is to do is to get the team on a level where people start to like their performance.

‘You’re not there to make friends. You are there to build something very strong and hopefully people will like to see them two years down the road,” Klinsmann explained. ”Now I think that’s important for the players to see, that you’re not there to please them. I am there to make them better. That’s a very, very different thing. So that means that sometimes maybe I have to be uncomfortable. Sometimes I have to be more strict. Sometimes I have to be, yeah, just, just not the nice guy.”

Klinsmann was fired in April 2009 from Bayern Munich. He is now paying more attention on players to work harder. Players need to perform better in their clubs. Klinsmann says he is going to choose only those players who have been giving frequent training and practice sessions in their respective clubs.

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