Just Sit On Your Berth, Eat Fresh and Delicious

You can prefer any mode of transport in India, bus or train according to your suitability but definitely you need to make sure you are ensured the basic needs. But that’s not the case when it comes to food and that too when you are travelling by train. Staying hungry for a long time in between the journey isn’t at all comfortable and everyone desires a satisfying meal on the go. But the options are quite less in Railways and even if the food is available at the platforms or inside the trains, commuters are quite aware of the prevailing conditions.

Vendors and sellers on the platform and inside the train do not practice proper food hygiene and it may cost your health if consumed on a regular basis. Basically, it creates a problem for people who use to travel daily around large railway junctions and intercity connections. It is never advisable to pay the price for health over just a mere satisfaction. One can switch to IRCTC as an option but that’s too always not a good one.

Sometimes Passengers Face Problems Like: 

  • The quality of food is not ensured in maximum times. Foods served in packets are not fresh and one can sense the rancidity on tasting a little bit of it.
  • A hefty amount is charged for a small quantity which leaves the consumer unsatisfied.
  • Most of the time, the delay occurs during delivery.
  • Even sometimes, the railway staffs are improperly groomed, so makes it a little hesitant to accept the food packets they provide.
  • The menu and plans are not flexible enough and one needs to compromise over his/her priorities.

Havoc is Over Now

Well, despite of all such issues, things are now in place because train food delivery has got a new face. In many big and small cities like Kanpur, Surat, Nagpur, etc., there are business organizations, which are showing concern over the matter. They provide catering service on the go whenever needed. In contrast to Railway catering services, they ensure the quality and freshness of food during serving. You don’t need to go anywhere physically. Sitting inside the train, one can enter their website; choose from a variety of menus and plans at a considerable rate. After placing an order before 60 to 90 minutes of arrival at the station, staffs appear and offer you delicious and healthy items right at your seat inside the train.

The payment method is also very flexible. You can either make the transactions through card or pay them on arrival at the spot, according to your convenience. Cash on delivery option is a benefit for those who are new and want to try these services and for those who want to cancel the order on delay or any other problem. The choice is all yours. They have tie-ups with different renowned hotels nearby and have different price charts on different plans. Concern is also shown over the eating etiquettes and thus they have Veg/Non-Veg plans.

Author’s Bio: The author is an acknowledged freelancer who writes about the various railway services across the country and currently works for travelkhana.com– a website which is dedicated to provide best food services while travel.