Just the Right Jeans

There are hundreds of different types of denim out there. Finding the right pair of jeans for you can seem like a literal mission impossible, but it CAN be done (and without losing your mind!). Everyone is shaped differently, there are specific body types that look better in certain cuts of jeans. Whether you are bigger, smaller, tall, short, whatever you may look like, getting the perfect pair of jeans can change your entire outlook on your outfits.


Long and Lean

This can be (surprisingly) the most difficult fit of all! Look for bootcut jeans and jeans with a shorter waist. Taller, thinner people tend to be long waisted and by wearing longer waisted pants, this wrong move can give you the “Erkel” effect (nice necklace!). Bootcut jeans usually longer and have a longer inseam. This can prevent an embarassing “highwater” look that is anything but flattering!



Another tough fit, finding jeans for a full figured woman can seem extremely difficult. Look for jeans with give and a little stretch in them (check out this site). Once you DO track down a jean that fits like a glove, you are home free. The key is to go with a darker jean, a jean that is NOT shredded or bejewelled – which draws attention to the wrong places) and to be comfortable in your jeans.


Another toughy, is petite! You would think smaller is better, but there is a fine line between smaller women sizes and children sizes. Look for jeans that are NOT straight legged and are mid waisted, since most petite women have shorter waistlines. Do not try to squeeze into a pair of kid’s jeans (this will just drive you nuts!) Try stores such as Ann Taylor and Banana Republic that specialize in petites sizes.