Justin Bieber’s Zodiac Sign

Justin Bieber is a Pisces because he was born March 1, 1994. He is a great example showing some of the basic characteristics and traits of this zodiac sign. There are many things to know about the Pisces person and many things that could change the trajectory of his life should he fall victim to some of the more negative traits associated with the sign. Of course, his ability to capitalize on his creativity at such a young age might help him overcome some of the pitfalls Pisces encounter as they get older and are given more freedom.

Artistic Direction

Pisces people tend to be quite artistic. They are also quite sensitive. This combination makes them some of the best storytellers on the planet. They not only have the means to tell the story through artistic expression, but they also have the understanding and intuitive nature needed to reach out to multiple people on a very emotional level. Their sympathy and sensitivity makes them uniquely capable of telling and singing touching stories. When you think of all the attachment to Bieber’s music, you know that part of it comes from the way he presents his own personal story. He is so aware of his emotions and those around him, he can find a way to be charming and genuine all at the same time.

Loving Nature

Their loving nature fosters true devotion. Some astrologists believe that Pisces people feel more deeply than any of the other signs out there. They can dig into the depths of their souls in a way some others can only imagine. This also leaves them vulnerable to being hurt. That can be problematic when you are a star or a prominent public figure like Justin.
While he may put on a strong face, it is likely the voracity of the media gets to him. In order to be in tune with other’s emotions you have to know your own, making this sign subject to depression and other difficult moments. Not only for their own pain but also for those of the less fortunate. It is likely Justin Bieber will find a way to help others with his fame in order to displace some of the frustration with the suffering all over the world.


Pisces people are quite perceptive. They often understand what people are thinking and feeling at most times. Depending on the person, this can make them quite manipulative. They know how to get what they want from people. In a career like Justin Bieber’s, this is a very desirable trait. While “manipulation” may sound bad, in truth, music is meant to manipulate the feelings of the audience in a way that makes them feel their own emotions and connect to the music. This is what makes him such a great songwriter and performer; he knows what the audience needs.

Escapist and Idealistic

Because the Pisces person is so idealistic, they often find a need to escape. The pain of those less fortunate can become overwhelming for them. This often leads them to a life of drink or drugs to get away from the pain. As long as Justin Bieber continues to find a great outlet for his idealistic values, he should be able to avoid such problems later in life. It is also important that he surround himself with good people. The will of the Pisces person is often easily bent by those they trust. This means it is not hard to lead them astray if they are surrounded by people looking to get something. This can be dangerous when you have a situation like Bieber’s. He seems to have a strong circle of trust and that is his best defense against people taking advantage.
The Pisces person like Justin Bieber will likely live a life full of love. No matter what career path he chooses as he gets older, his focus as he was young will likely help keep him on the right path throughout his life. He has the capacity to be a strong and competent songwriter for the rest of his life, as well as the sensitivity to keep people interested in him for years to come.
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