Katie Holmes Fashion Line To Debut At NYFW 2012

She may be in the spotlight lately for her high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise, but that is not the focus of everyone else’s interest in ex-Mrs Tom Cruise. Many find Katie Holmes’ fashion choices more interesting and how her style has evolved from the days of sweet innocent ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Katie to the worldly and sexier Kate Holmes.

Katie Holmes Fashion

The girl has wasted no time moping about her divorce. Instead Katie has taken the bull by horns and vamped up her commitments with a guest judge spot on Project Runway, and a fashion show to advertise her new fashion line. Her style seems to have been given a boost post-Tom Cruise as a means to show the world she is feeling better.

Katie’s fashion line will be showcased at the New York Fashion Week in September. The girl is keeping busy as her and partner Jeanne Yang work on their line ‘Holmes & Yang.’ The influence on the line will possibly come from Katie’s fashion sense that changed over the years.

As someone who is in the spotlight all the time and socialises with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Jada Pinkett-Smith it stands to reason that Holmes was going to find her personal style changing. She went from chilled teen, twenty-something to fashion forward Mrs. Cruise and then to the sassy Katie Holmes we see in the new Elle photoshoot. Her style seems to be a combination of prairie and Hollywood. A few high-button tops here and pair of uber sexy Rock & Republic jeans there and Holmes’ style comes to the fore. However her conservative and well-groomed style does not go as far as puffy sleeves and lace frills. She says she can wait until she’s 80 years old for that style.

Sometimes she really gets it right with her choices of couture designers, but the world has all eyes on Katie as she sets to showcase her first ever fashion line in September 2012.

The fashion crowd is critical, tough and have sharp tongues, and that’s before the serious competition, so some may say that Holmes style is slightly out of her depth, but that remains to be seen. Just as the lady has shown a seriously strong and decisive front in divorcing the most powerful man in Hollywood, it goes without saying that she will excel at whatever passion drives her.

It is difficult in light of recent events for the newly single Holmes to get people to take notice of her career, as opposed to her divorce. But Katie Holmes seems to be characteristically strong and exceptionally talented so there is no reason why she won’t blow NYFW out of the water and make people sit up and take notice of her, as a passionate clothing designer.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who quite loves the idea of a wardrobe full of designer dresses, like Katie Holmes. But one can only dream sometimes.