Katie Holmes, Fashion Mogul Material?

Since her divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is the focal point of every media tabloid from here to kingdom come. Now she’s entering the next chapter of her life, and everyone is interested in whether she can make a name for herself beyond being Mrs Cruise. Putting her acting career on the backburner, Katie’s fashion line, Holmes & Yang, has already been met with some industry success – which is hard to come by if you’re trying to break into the market.

Five Reasons why Katie Homes could be a Fashion Mogul

  1. She bore the most stylish toddler of her generation. Suri Cruise has garnered a lot of attention for her affinity for fashion. Picking out stylish ensembles at the tender age of two, Suri is fashion trend all on her own – and Katie Holmes is her mother, which means she automatically gets some cool points for giving birth to her.
  2. Barney sells her clothing designs. Her line has been showcased at Barney since its inception a few years back. That’s some real fashion cred. right there. Going for a classic look in her designs, Katie’s line is high-end in price, and is reportedly ripe for a spinoff downmarket version that is more affordable. With a lot in the spanner works for Ms Holmes, she recently appeared as guest judge on Project Runway, her career as a fashion mogul has definitely taken off.
  3. Katie Holmes has iconic hair. Ever since she cut her hair in a bob reminiscent of a Victoria Beckham hairstyle in 2007, Katie’s locks have been the subject of many an admiring fan. Despite the fact that the short look did not go down well with devotees, who publicly mourned the loss on the Internet, the swell of emotion was evidence of  how deeply the public cares about Katie’s image; something not all celebrities can muster.
  4. Her style is relatable. She has fashion at her fingertips, and yet her outfits resemble the sales rack at Anthropologie and Lucky Brand. Katie Holmes’ style is relatable if nothing else, and will definitely come in handy now that she’s trying to sell her collection to the general public.
  5. The fashion world has embraced her. Appearing at all the hottest runway shows besides the likes of Cate Blanchett and fashion icon Daphne Guiness, Katie Holmes is known to wrangle front row seats in Paris, Milan – you name it. Fashion world acceptance if ever there was, Katie definitely fits the profile of mogul.

Her next step being watched from every angle, Katie Holmes is setup to make a success of her next career move. Although using your divorce publicity to further yourself isn’t exactly scrupulous, Katie has handled herself as gracefully as one could expect of someone who has been given a chance to recast themselves amidst a throng of paparazzi.
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