Kava Bars Across The Country

Whether you’re a kava aficionado, or a novice who has yet to know the pleasure of this magical plant, a kava bar is the perfect place to sample some of the best kava out there. In 2006, kava began to catch on, with bars popping up all over the country, with the vast majority in Florida. Hawaii, the home of kava, and Florida, have a wide range of kava bars to choose from. You may be surprised to learn there’s a Kava bar near you. If you live in, or are visiting, Portland, San Diego, Austin, or Asheville, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to relax with some of the finest kava in the world.

Portland, Oregon: Bula Kava House

Bula Kava House is located in the heart of thriving SE Portland. Founded by Judd Rench, after a scuba diving stint on the big island of Hawaii, introduced him to his now beloved kava. Rench finds and brews his own blend of kava with the best products in the world. The food and drink menus are also great. You’ll find locally sourced ingredients with a Hawaiian twist, all at an affordable price. Combine killer kava and food with a killer happy hour menu available six days a week, and open mic night every Friday, and Bula really knows how to draw a crowd. If you find yourself in portland, be sure to take part in a unique and authentic kava experience.

San Diego, California: Mystic Water Kava Bar

Mystic Water Kava Bar and yoga studio in San Diego, serves as a great meeting spot for people interested in natural healing. With regular music and yoga events, and some excellent kava to sample, Mystic Water makes a great stopping point if you live in, or are vacationing to San Diego. So, once you’re done surfing or sun-bathing on San Diego’s beautiful beaches, stop into Mystic Water for a yoga class followed by some relaxing, euphoric kava.

Austin, Texas: SquareRut KavaBar

Dry, dusty, Austin is the last place you’d expect to find a tropical oasis, but alas SquareRut offers just that. It comes as no surprise Austin’s population would be alternative enough to enjoy some of the euphoric, earthy brew. With a wide variety of kava, tea, and other natural non-alcoholic beverages, SquareRut is the perfect place to come quench your thirst after a long, hot day in Austin.

Asheville, North Carolina: Vanuatu KavaBar

Another alternative haven, another kava bar. Like so many of the others, Vanuata offers not only a great selection of kava but an impressive assortment of tea as well. Customers recommend the orange kava for a tasty and enlightening experience. If you’re traveling through North Carolina, be sure to stop into Vanuatu to loosen up your mind and body.

You don’t have to vacation to the tropics to enjoy the calming effects of kava. Whether you’re in the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, Hill country in Texas, or North Carolina, there’s a kava bar near you. With kava you can enjoy getting buzzed without getting dumb.

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Emily Manke is a health and lifestyle blogger in Portland, OR. Her interests include biking, hiking, cooking, gardening. She is a bit of a health-nut, and loves learning about all things health-related. She loves to relax and enjoy some kava in her free time.