Keep Calm And Build Your Responsive Website

It’s a mobile world, let’s face it. More and more people start using their smartphones to look up nearby services and businesses; shop; make financial transactions; check social feeds and so on. This means that now is the best time to invest into a responsive website. The good news is that you don’t have to be a web design ninja to create an effective, mobile-friendly website. With the best website builders, literally anyone can create an exceptional, attractive and effective website, viewable on any mobile device.

The site builders described in this article do not simply convert your desktop website to a mobile version, but also let you make pixel-accurate changes in this version manually, thanks to their feature-rich mobile editors. MotoCMS, Webydo and Wix each offer a comprehensive set of features (including mobile-only features) to help you create the desired mobile view.


MotoCMS delivers high quality, easy-to-customize templates that can be optimized for mobile viewing through the inbuilt Mobile Editor. MotoCMS creates mobile versions for all their customers automatically. Therefore, you can either use the default mobile view or adjust the generated version manually. Absolutely no technical language is required.

How it works:

You purchase a MotoCMS template and upload it to the server. Once you have finished customizing your site’s desktop version, go to the Mobile Editor to see the default mobile view for your website. Add finishing touches and save changes. As MotoCMS is a WYSIWYG site builder, you can design and publish a basic website in one sitting!


Webydo is a professional hosted web design suite offering excellent mobile optimization capabilities. Its mobile editor allows you to create beautiful, feature-rich mobile websites nearly effortlessly. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can completely rebuild the mobile view of your site using simple dragging and dropping gestures. It’s noteworthy that Webydo offers a range of mobile-only features, such as ‘Click-to-Call’, ‘Email’, ‘Address’, ‘Online Scheduling’ etc.

These features make it quick and easy for mobile visitors to call you and find your physical location. Just imagine, your potential customers will be able to get in touch with your business with a single tap of the finger!

How it works:

Once you have created an account with Webydo and finished editing your desktop website, switch to the Mobile Editor. Customize your mobile view and save changes.


Wix is the de facto choice for newbies who’re looking for an easy, fast and affordable web publishing solution. Indeed, this website builder is incredibly easy-to-use and has a lot to offer. In October 2013 Wix devs introduced the Mobile Solution for creating mobile-friendly versions of Wix websites. This solution is an inbuilt Mobile Editor offering a set of customizable features, including Mobile Action Bar and Mobile Preloader.

How it works:

To avail the benefits of the Wix Mobile Solution, enter your site’s control panel and go to the Mobile Settings. Editing your mobile version will not affect your site’s desktop look.

Stop losing customers just because your site isn’t optimized for mobile viewing (or even worse, you don’t have a website at all) – create a mobile-friendly website today!

Malcolm Thomas is a business and technology blogger. He enjoys reviewing online website builders and mobile applications. He’s the owner of, a website dedicated to site building, web design and everything in between.