Keep Up With Your Favorite Chefs On Twitter

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Love cooking shows on television? You can easily follow all of your favorite celebrity chefs from television on Twitter. Be informed of their most recent tips and recipes, and get a glimpse of their lives. Simply sign up for a Twitter account if you do not already have one, and type in the chef’s name that you want to follow. You then have the ability to get updates and recipes from all of the hottest celebrity chefs, including:

Rachael Ray
One of the most popular chefs on television today, Rachael Ray should definitely be on the top of your Twitter list. Her feed is updated sometimes multiple times daily, and it contains a wealth of information. She posts little tidbits of random cooking information, as well as what she has on the dinner menu for that particular evening. You can find photos of her food creations posted, as well as short recipes.

Bobby Flay
Bobby Flay’s Twitter page provides lots of information about his shows and appearances. He also posts randomly about his daily life and menus that he is working on. Flay does not post many recipes on Twitter, but you can really get a feel for his personality from his Tweets. Plus, his page boasts a cool background with a picture of one of his many culinary creations.

Giada De Laurentiis
As one of the queens of current celebrity cooking shows, Giada makes it seem simple balancing a family life and her culinary career. Her Twitter posts further the notion that this chef knows how to juggle work and little ones. Giada not only Tweets about food, she shares aspects about her family, her activities, and even her nail polish. Her Twitter page is clean and neat, just like as she cooks on her shows.

Emeril Lagasse
Emeril Lagasse is one of today’s hottest chefs, and he has been popular for quite some time now. His Tweets focus on tips for entertaining and cooking techniques, most notably grilling. He posts links to his recipes and tickets to his many events. Emeril also informs his followers about future chats, where you can ask him cooking and grilling questions.

Paula Deen
For multiple recipes and posts every day, check out Paula Deen’s Twitter page. You can find a wealth of easy and convenient culinary creations that are simple to make for families and large groups of people. Deen offers the best information about Southern entertaining, cooking, and hospitality. The importance of family shows on her Twitter page.

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