Keep Your Business Alive By Preventing A Dead Battery

When you run a business that relies on a fleet of vehicles, having a dead battery can completely ruin your workday and stop you in your tracks.  Whether it’s a delivery truck, tow truck, fishing vessel, tractor trailer, or airplane, there is a battery load tester available that will keep you advised of your vehicle’s power source.  Knowing when you need to replace your battery will benefit your company in many ways; it can ensure prompt arrivals, deliveries, customer satisfaction and will also ensure the safety of your employees.

There is a tester for every battery and every voltage.  There are testers for UPS and lead acid batteries as well.  It is important though, to make sure you are purchasing the correct tester for the designated battery you need to check.  Researching before you buy is key; the right device can help keep your business running smoothly.
If you are in the market for a battery load tester, make sure the one you purchase is durable and sturdy.  The tester should be built to last under any condition and every circumstance.  Another good characteristic of a durable tester is whether or not it is water proof or at least water resistant.  Although weather conditions are unpredictable; a good tester will function regardless.  Many of the testers made today will uphold to these standards and it’s a relief to know, that even in a hailstorm, they won’t fail your employees when they need them most.
Another thing to keep in mind when researching your battery tester purchase is whether it uses a gauge or a pass/fail reading.  If a device uses a gauge with a dial and pointer, or simply gives you a pass or fail rating, then there is too much room for error in those readings.  The device you choose should give you the option of making adjustments manually for load, temperature compensation and/or cold cranking amp settings.  Being able to make these adjustments will lead to far less errors in your reading.  Fewer errors could be the difference between getting the job done or being stranded waiting for a jump or a tow.
For any business where healthy battery backup is essential to its success, investing in a battery load tester will be your company’s support system.  Knowing is half of the battle and a battery tester will allow you as a business leader to be proactive, instead of reactive.

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