Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Alright you’ve done some great marketing for your company and you’ve secured a steady stream of new customers.  Way to go!  That’s the tough part especially when you’re starting a business from scratch without any prior contacts or business to work from.  But the work’s not over.  Now you need to keep those new customers happy and coming back.  How do you do that? Below are some easy tips to keep your business thriving and growing.


Be sure to get your new customers’ email addresses and send them a monthly news letter.  Be sure to include interesting things like community updates, recipes, contests, trivia etc.  They’ll look forward to it each month and will be reminded of your business.  Doesn’t cost a thing but your time and it’s well worth it.

Birthday and Holiday Cards

Mailing out a birthday or holiday card to your customers is a nice personal touch.  And hand write a message to let them know it wasn’t a mass mail out.  I always remember the businesses that really seem to care about me and I tend to give them business repeatedly.  

Community Events

One company in my hometown takes Santa pictures with pets.  For free. It’s an ingenious way to give back to your community while ensuring you happy customers who will remember you and your business.  There’s all kind of community events you can do that cost very little.  Get creative! In the summertime do a free car wash. In the fall have a haunted house or give away candy for Halloween. Have fun with it! 

Custom Magnets

Yep magnets.  They’re almost never thrown away, just look at your fridge!   We all use magnets to tack things up like pictures, lists, bills, report cards.  By customizing the magnet with your company’s info and a colorful logo, your new customers will be reminded of your business daily. And they’re pretty inexpensive.

Be Accessible

This may sound like a no-brainer but so many companies have owner’s that are extremely difficult to get ahold of.  Make yourself available to answer questions, address problems in person, and make your customers feel like they are being taken care of.  A little bit goes a long ways with hospitality.  And it may mean the difference between your store or the one down the street.  

With a little bit of time and care you will nurture your customer base and build a highly regarded and respected business.  And in a time where competition is fierce, loyalty is invaluable.

Lisa Coronado is a content writer for Custom Magnets.