Keep Your Horses Happy: Go Green, Go Metal

Needless to say, you treasure the wellbeing of your loved ones. And these loved ones include those four-legged friends who love and trust you without having to speak, knowing that you will provide for them, believing in your caretaking. For those of us in love with horses, the comfort and security of our animals is a huge priority-and we do our research when seeking out how to best care for them.

If you have or work around horses, you also know the importance of having a paddock for when they’re off the pasture. You know the basics; situate the area on high ground, away from water bodies in case of bad weather and flooding; surround it with a grassy buffer for biofiltration of any runoff; keep it convenient and close to your barn so you can easily maintain the area.

Depending on the quantity of horses and their age, temperaments, exercise requirements, and your own land availability, paddocks can vary in size, typically ranging from a generous box stall (16 x 16 ft) to a large enclosure that encourages exercise and galloping (say, 30 x 100 ft). The best kind of paddocks are built with footing (typically made of crushed rock gravel or wood chips), which prevents erosion and reduces mud, and are encircled by sturdy fences.

The structure and construction material of a paddock also varies. Over the years, steel has been gaining steady popularity and preference as the construction material of choice-and deservedly so. Metal has proven itself to be the strongest, most durable, and safest option in the building industry, withstanding anything from extreme temperatures, to violent wind and rain, to termites and rodents, to earthquakes and fire!

Rain gutters and downspouts are also critical components for barns, sheds, and outbuildings, because these divert rainwater so that unhealthy mud levels are eliminated or reduced. Steel gutters and spouts can be built to withstand even the heaviest snows, ice pours, and rainstorms, while steel fences are an excellent choice when dealing with powerful legs (as a rule, it seems, horses are hard on fences). Steel gates also provide strength and durability, furthermore guaranteeing safety from erosion, termites, bad weather, and more.

Available for any type of structure, steel is a material that enjoys many favorable characteristics, most of them unique in the building industry: strength, durability, energy efficiency, cost efficiency, immunity (to rust, mold, termites, and rodents), reduced labor costs and waste, and great designs. At once strong, stylish, and built to last, steel-framed fences, barns and stables are the best choice for keeping your horses secure, dry, and comfortable.

This article was written by MBMI Metal Buildings a premier metal buildings supplier in the United States.