Keeping It Healthy: The Importance Of Health Insurance

Health Insurance is very important and is one of the biggest understatements one could ever make.  I know the importance of health insurance fist hand.  I know a single parent with two children who has not had health insurance since before her oldest was born.  That is over 12 years past now.  She has had to rely on the State of Pennsylvania for Medicaid and most of the time she and her family couldn’t qualify for it.  And those times she did qualify her family had coverage for six months only to have it canceled on them without warning.  It is not fun going to the doctor for the kids’ vaccinations and physicals over the years and having to pay for them out of pocket.  Thankfully, she found out that getting health insurance quotes on plans that fit into her budget was really easy to do.

It is no secret, although the powers that be would like to keep it a secret, that those families and individuals without insurance receive less and more inadequate medical care.  They get the care they need in a less timely manner which can result in disaster for some families.  Some hospitals and clinics that cater to the less fortunate folks that do not have insurance have been adding what is called safety-net care but even that is still no substitute for proper and adequate health insurance.
The medical bills that can come along with not having medical insurance can also be catastrophic for the families involved.  I know this from listening to my friend’s story.  Her oldest is 12 years old, and she just paid off the medical bills she accumulated for her daughter’s birth two years ago.  It took over 10 years to pay everything off.  That is just ridiculous.  And the hospitals hounded her for payment every month.  They knew you don’t have the money in the first place, but they don’t let up.  My advice here is to do what she did and set up a payment plan.  It took a whole decade, but she is now free of her medical bills for good.

With the internet highly available to many people, it is easier than ever to get health insurance quotes.  Talking with your insurance carrier can help you figure out a plan that fits into your budget, no matter how small it is.  There is nothing worse than facing a family medical emergency and having to worry about your coverage or lack of coverage on top of everything else.  Give yourself the peace of mind you and your loved ones deserve.

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  1. Having a health insurance cover in place is certainly essential as it safeguards you and your family against financial crisis in case of an emergency. You may resent having to pay a monthly premium, but at least you know that if there is ever a time when you or a family member needs treatment, cost will not be an issue.

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