Keeping Trust In 42$ Billion Cruise Industry

The one thing which many people find hesitating over a cruise tripe or event is the amount of uncertainty attached with cruises. Syntactically speaking, cruise chips are possibly as safe as airplanes or air trips themselves and yet thanks to the iconizing of the Titanic the fear factor has settled in with them which makes a lot of the customers be hesitant about buying a ticket or getting on a cruise ship.

Let’s take a probability scenario, one of the most frequently quoted fears of those on a cruise ship is not that of running into an iceberg (let’s not dissect the movie) but of a fire breaking out on the ship in the event that the ship is some distant from the harbor or land. In that scenario, most of the people are more likely to be panic ridden and prone to making hasty judgments. The reason why the fire scenario is fear so much is because it can damage the ship very quickly and cause loss of lives. Here are some interesting demographics for it:

Infographic Source: Cruising : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The question then is that how do you repair the customer’s trust in your brand or business and make him feel better when he purchases the cruise ticket?

Iron Clad Safety

This is a no brainer really but all of your lifeboats and jackets are very useless if they are prone to tear and are less in number. Obviously an optimal scenario is not practically feasible but the better investment in that department gets you more trust from your customers.

So the extra life jacket may not get the best response out but your marketing scheme can. This is the subtle art of marketing but notice that ships or crafts are photographed a certain way to showcase the side that marketer wants to show. You show the aspects of your cruise that make the customer trust in your business. So you talk about the insulation, you talk about the sturdy steering system etc and you ensure that the customer understands all of this.

Cost Return

The customer invests a certain amount of money in the cruise business when he buys a ticket and with that cost involved the customer not only expects the safety but also a good service from that business. This is how you also establish trust with a business customer.

Good service can entail a lot of things but I will cut it short by saying that it entails the things you take pride in when you market your cruise service. In any brand that is recognizable, the service expectancy is attached and that is the trust that a customer attaches to that brand.

Overall your trust return can vary but in case of huge figures you want to give absolute value return to the customer and facilitate them completely. Once you do that then you retrace trust and you start establishing a relationship with that business.