Keeping Your Cat Healthy and Happy Indoors

Cats are known for being finicky and independent, but they still need lots of love and TLC. One of the best ways to keep your cat health and happy is to keep them indoors. However, cats love the freedom of being outside, so it may take some extra effort to keep them satisfied.


Play to Their Instincts

It’s no secret that cats love to stalk and roam. You can help them release that pent-up energy without exposing them to the dangers of being outdoors. One way you can allow them to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine in a safe environment by creating a ‘catio’ for your kitty. If you have a small porch or portico, you can enclose it with screening. You can also create a cat-safe enclosure out in your yard. Make it big enough for them to enjoy without feeling pent-up, but sturdy enough to keep kitty inside and predators away. Fill it with toys, climbing areas and little hiding spaces.

Pet stores now carry a variety of indoor cat trees and kitty condos that you can place in a sunny area of your home. Another option is a window perch. They’re easy to attach and remove as needed, and they’ll allow your cat to lounge safely in any sunny window.

Keep Them Active and Engaged

Because cats are active, outdoor animals by nature, they can become restless and bored being indoors all the time. Cats aren’t lazy, they just need something to keep them occupied inside the home. Set aside some active playtime to spend with your feline. They love to play interactive games with their people, like tug of war and chasing string or light from laser pointers. Buying toys that encourage self-play will help for times you’re not there. Providing cats with items that will keep them active reduces their odds of developing obesity and health problems like urinary tract infections, which are stress-related. It will also keep them from destructive activities like climbing the curtains.

Cats Like a Little Privacy, Too

If you have the space, set up a dedicated area of your home for his food and water dishes, bed and litter box. This can be a part of the utility room, basement or other area that’s away from the main living areas of your home. Make sure that the space is relatively quiet and well-lit. Cats don’t really like dark, noisy areas. Having the litter box located elsewhere will help give tabby some privacy and make things more pleasant for the rest of the household. Make sure it is also far enough away from the cat’s bed and food dishes.

Health and Nutrition

Feeding should be done at regular times. A suggested schedule is twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, about eight hours apart. Don’t leave a full bowl of food out all day, but do leave them plenty of fresh water. Keep them away from garlic and onions. They love the taste, but those foods can cause stomach issues. Contrary to popular belief, milk is not good for cats.

Although you’re keeping your cat indoors, be aware that they can escape easily if you go in or out of the house with your hands full. They should be collared and have tags with their name, your name and the address and phone number of your home, It’s also a good idea to get them chipped in case they become lost. Never have your cat declawed. They still need to be able to protect themselves from predators. Regular veterinary checkups, vitamin supplements as needed and vaccinations are all that’s left to make sure they live long and healthy lives.

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