Key West Flats Fishing Site Marks 5 Year Anniversary

Flats Fishing business updates their online presence with a brand new website  just in time for the five year anniversary celebration.

Flats Hunters, an online presence since 2005, marks its five year anniversary with a whole new look to its website.  Readers will find easier maneuverability, better archiving, faster searches, and faster loading videos.  The change has been a long time coming, with more viewers demanding more views on the popular Key West fishing website.

“Our video of the shark attacking the flats boat is a popular classic” says Bonnie Corres, who’s been a part of Flats Hunters since the beginning.  “We have so many viewers that we had to rethink the site, and the new look came along with that whole process” she says, obviously proud of the new design.  The look is definitely an improvement for readers, who come to the site to learn about different species found in the Florida Keys.  The site is an especially good resource for anyone planning on doing a bit of Key West spearfishing, as the authors and anglers who contribute to the site are based in Key West, according to Ms. Corres.

In addition to finding info on Key West flats fishing, readers can also learn about flats fishing in other areas of the Florida Keys.  From Key Largo to Islamorada, to Marathon and Big Pine Key, the authors of Flats Hunters have attempted to provide a free, comprehensive website for anyone who wants to try this specialized type of fishing, which is very common in the Florida Keys and other parts of the Caribbean Sea.

Flats fishing is done in very shallow water, sometimes as shallow as six inches.  One reason the term “hunters’ can be used is because anglers actually scan the water visually, searching for fish to target.  The boat’s engine must be turned off, and the guide will push the boat silently with a pole, in order to sneak up on unsuspecting fish.  The angler then aims the bait at the fish, hoping to hook the fish when it goes after the bait, thinking it’s a meal.

A specialized boat must be used, and surprisingly it’s called a flats boat!  A flats boat has extremely shallow draft so it can go in what’s called skinny water.  Some people fish the flats using fly rods, but not everyone prefers this style.

Flats Hunters provides excellent info and pictures on one of the most popular flats species, the tarpon.  Since Key West tarpon fishing is high on the list of things to do in Key West, creators of the website have put a lot of energy into doing a thorough job of covering this area.  Tarpon fishing requires a special setup so reading up on it before heading out is good advice, according to Ms. Corres, who has been known to hook some very large Tarpon in her day.  To read all about it and to see the new design of Flats Hunters, go to

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