Know About Different Types Of Access Control Systems

Know About Different Types Of Access Control Systems

Safety and security of the property is the most important concern of home owners as well as entrepreneurs. Different equipment have been introduced in the competitive market to provide the tight security services to the home owners as well as business organizations. When it comes to safety and security access control deserves a special mention. This keeps a check on the entry of people in a property or in a certain part of the property. Access control is essential to protect the privacy of a place as well as to prevent essential and important things from being pilfered. At present different types of access control systems are available in the market and so clients can easily take the opportunity to choose from a large number of options.

There are 4 type of system that a client can choose:

1. Fingerprint Locks

Now a day’s Fingerprint locks are some of the most widely used form of access control systems in the world. These locks work on the principle of every individual having different fingerprints. It provides the strong authorization. When fingerprints of the authorized personnel are uploaded into the memory of the lock, it tries to identify the fingerprints of the visitors each time it is asked to open the door. In the case if it mismatch with the stored fingerprints would prompt the lock to stay put taking the request as an effort of unauthorized entry. These locks are electrically operated and are extremely efficient.

2. Card Locks

These locks work on specially designed cards. The locks are equipped with a bar code reader and users need to swipe their card on the machine to unlock a door. It works only if the bar code matches the stored in the memory. These cards are issued to authorize personnel only and the locking mechanism can also be used to restrict access to vaults and other important parts of a building.

3. Password Locks

Now a day’s another important type of access control systems used is the password lock. Passwords should be kept confidential. One should enter the highly secured password with combinations of alphabets, special characters and numeric keys. Doors with this type of lock can be locked or unlocked by entering a certain password. These locks are equipped with buttons and digital display. If the mechanism recognizes the entered password it unlocks the door. However, entering wrong password again and again at a stretch can trigger an alarm in order to alert security guards about a potential unauthorized entry.

4. Biometric Locks

This type of access control systems work on the biometric properties of human body. Some of these locks ask for retina scan in order to ascertain the identity of the visitor. The configuration of retina is different from one person to another and no two people have exactly the same retina. Thus it can be an effective method to control the access of unauthorized person to a private location. Some locks work on face recognition system and identifies the face of the visitor to match it with the image of authorized faces. Locks with face recognition system are becoming increasingly more and more popular all over the world.

All these access control systems work on digital technology and so it is essential for clients to maintain these products properly. In some cases it is necessary to appoint specially trained professionals for the maintenance purpose. As these products are important security equipment there is no room for compromising with the quality of the products while making a purchase. Most of the manufacturers of these products nowadays sell their products over the internet and so clients can sit right at home and place an order for the product that they want.

However it is always better to consult experts before making a purchase in order to get the best product. If you want to know more about Access Control Systems then go here and get more information.