Know Everything About Rental Power Generator

Know Everything About Rental Power Generator

At the moment of making a budget for renting generators, whether for works or events, many doubts usually arise. To help you, we list the information you need to have on hand to make it easier to attend.


To rent a generator that will stay in an event you need to keep in mind some factors that will aid in choosing the ideal generator. Are they:

  • Operation: The equipment will remain on during the whole event, or it will only be on the standby, waiting for possible power outages;
  • Power supply: which are the equipment that will be connected to the generator;
  • Power: we have equipment ranging from 25 kVA to 1875 kVA. Do you know the power you’ll need? Report on the budget request;
  • Voltage: it is important to know the voltage required by the equipment, which can vary between 220V and 380V;
  • Cables: how many meters of cable will be needed;
  • Location: where the event will be held;
  • Rental period: how long it will remain in the event;
  • Mobilization date: start date of the lease.


Now that we know the basics, which are extremely useful before renting a power generator for events, we’ll look at what you need to keep in mind when it comes to renting a generator:

  • Time of mobilization: For how long the generator will remain in the work;
  • Power: We have equipment ranging from 25 kVA to 1875 kVA, but we can offer greater power. In this case, consult our consultants;
  • Voltage: 220V, 380V, 440V and 480V variations;
  • Place: where the work will be carried out;
  • Mobilization date: start date of the lease;
  • What else: We are not only a generator rental company, you can lease various equipment to assist you in your work, such as roller compressors, manipulators, lighting towers, aerial platforms and many others.

Accessories are not included: cable, extinguisher, flame cut, fuel tank.

Based on this information, you will be able to carry out the rental power generators in the most professional way possible, with the best cost x benefit of the market.


Whatever your need, Generator has the best energy solutions, with applications also for civil construction, industry, mining and other segments. So, check out some of our available generators for rental:

Rental of the 100 kva power generator:

The generator of 100 kva has a capacity for energy supply in large structures. In addition to being a diesel power generator, more resistant than other types of generators, it is more economical to use in places where energy cannot be interrupted, making it more economical than gasoline-based rental power generators, which are less resistant. In addition, Generator uses renowned brand motors on all its generators, such as Cummins, MWM and Perkins, all for your peace of mind and confidence! Ask for your budget and get all the support during the lease of the equipment!

Rental power generator from 55 to 150 kva:

Generator’s 55 to 150 kVA diesel generators use renowned brand engines such as Cummins, MWM and Perkins. In addition, they have an analog or digital control panel which is modern; they have reduced fuel consumption and are more effective than gasoline-powered generators; and its autonomy can vary from 5 to 13 hours without need of refueling.

170 to 500 kva rental power generator:

The 170 to 500 kVA power generators are high-reliability equipment, boasting the power of the renowned Cummins, Scania and MWM engines. Its control panel can be analog or digital; all generators are modern; low fuel consumption; and has autonomy of up to 8 hours.

Power generator from 550 to 1,500 kva:

Power generators from 550 to 1,500 kVA are large equipment and high power, used when there is a demand for great energy. Its control panel can be analog or digital; low fuel consumption and has autonomy of up to 9 hours.