Know How A Toronto Criminal Lawyer Can Change Your Verdict

criminal defence law

If someone filed a criminal case against you then you should understand the fact that this is going to be the toughest time in your life. You should always get ready to accept that comes your way. There are many reasons due to which you will have to take the punishment for the criminal case filed against you.

The Reasons can be:

  • If you are not having the right Toronto criminal lawyer then you will have to face the consequences for something that you have not done.
  • If you are hiring a lawyer who is not able to present your case properly in front of the court.
  • If your lawyer is unable to gather evidence in spite of knowing that you are not guilty in the criminal case filed against you.

If you are able to hire the best law firms in Toronto like then your case will be safe.

If you have received sentences for something that you have not done, then you do not consider it as the end for your life and your case. If you are hiring the best lawyer and you did not find time to prove yourself as not guilty, then your lawyer would definitely appeal to the higher court. Yes, every case is having the right to appeal to the higher court when you feel that you produce enough evidence by the time you have to attend the higher court hearing.

You can also apply for higher court then you feel that your lower court has not completed the inquiry completely or not considered the factors that you are trying to produce in front of the judge. This criminal lawyer Toronto will have the complete idea on how to approach the next higher court. You can also appeal to the higher court when you feel that the lower court has imposed a higher penalty than it has to for that kind of cases. Every case has a limit to impose penalties and if they court is crossing that limit, then you can appeal to the higher court. Especially in case of criminal cases this is done as the accused would pay any amount to get out of the case, but remember you don’t have to pay more than what is required.


Time is an important factor that you should consider when you are planning to appeal to the higher level. The criminal law firms Toronto will have a complete idea about this and if they do not have the idea then you can also remind them about this time factor. You should apply for next higher court appeal within a certain period of time else your case will not be considered.

Types of Appeals:

There are different types of appeals and the Toronto criminal lawyers would guide you in choosing the one which is suitable for you.

Make sure you are hiring the best Toronto criminal defense lawyer for your criminal case or for appealing in higher court.