Know Some Common Uses Of Waterjet Cutting

Know Some Common Uses Of Waterjet Cutting

A latest technology has evolved where power of natural resource like water is used to finely cut, design and shape a wide variety of materials in very cost-effective way. This technology is totally harmless because no chemicals, hazardous gases or elements are used in the process.

Yes, it is Waterjet cutting, which is the most advanced technology where water is utilized with high pressure to cut any type of hard base. This technology for cutting is becoming very popular these days in different industries. This technology is very much popular for its economical input and highly productive results. Although this technology is used in variety of industries today, but below you will come across with some popular uses of this technology.

Waterjet Cutting in Metals

The process of waterjet is widely used today to cut different types of metals including, aluminum, steel, brass and titanium. This technology is very effective in cutting metals that range from 1/16 inch to 8” inches thick, in low and high volume. Moreover, the typical part tolerance comes in between 0.003” and 0.005” inches. There are also few heavy duty tools available that can help you to achieve tolerances as close as 0.001 inch. The most interesting part of this technology is that it leaves behind no mechanical stress, heat-affected zone or any heat distortion. Today this process has become widely popular because it helps to cut wide varieties of materials and shapes even in metal flooring inlays.

Waterjet Cutting in Glass

This technology is also very effective in cutting delicate and fragile materials like glass. Most of the builders use this process to cut designs in delicate stained glass. It is also used to pierce holes in glass without damaging it. This cutting method is not only safe, but cost-effective too as it never leaves any waste material while drilling the glass. This process is powerful enough to drill or cut any ballistic glass, while preserving its structural integrity. This method is also known for its Omni-directorial feature without help of which you can even cut hurricane glass with ease. Today, this cutting method is used to increase productivity, while decreasing money and power expenditure. For more information visit at

Waterjet Cutting in Paper

The technology of waterjet cutting is also becoming very famous in paper industry. Today, all paper industries make use of this technique as it reduces laborious process of operation in cutting paper. People are using this method to silt anything that is related to paper products like tissues, paper rolls etc. This method is not only reliable and safe, but it is cost-effective too. The most captivating feature of this technology is that it is completely dust free operation and non-hazardous to health. It helps you to get strong cutting edge which is not possible to achieve with other traditional cutting methods. This process helps you to cut any type of paper without creating a mess. This technology can be easily integrated with other manual or automatic threading devices.

So, these were some of the popular uses of this cutting technology. However, it is also used in other applications like cutting, food, composites, tiles and stone.