Know The Facts About Criminal Defense Law

Know The Facts About Criminal Defense Law

Being accused of a crime and going through the process of a criminal case is a very traumatic experience. The process and the legal procedures to be undertaken can be very stressful. That is why you need to have some knowledge on criminal defense law, and hire a federal criminal attorney who is specialized in handling such cases. Before we go further, let us define what criminal defense law is.

What is Criminal Defense Law?

According to Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers, “while a state crime involves a violation of a statute or ordinance that the State legislature or a local authority has passed, a federal criminal law violation involves a statute that the United States Congress has passed. This type of offense covers a wide array, including conspiracy as well as fraud, robbery, white collar, drug offenses, sex crimes, firearms offenses, immigration crimes, counterfeiting, and money laundering.” Therefore, criminal defense law involves the protection of the person being accused of an act that is classified as a crime.

As the prosecutor initiates the suit, the accused will need to find a federal criminal defense lawyer to defend his or her constitutional rights in the judiciary court system. According to the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys (NACDA), there are “over a million attorneys in the United States” so you will not have a hard time finding a defense attorney for your criminal case.

What to expect From a Federal Criminal Case

Defending yourself in a criminal case is very vital. Your freedom and your reputation rely on how you defend yourself. That is why you need to look for a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to help you resolve your case and represent you in court hearings and other legal proceedings.

According to Stanford Law School “Law students represent clients at all stages of criminal proceedings, including conducting fact investigation, interviewing witnesses, plea negotiations, working with experts, suppression motions, and trials.” So in other words, your defense attorney has undergone extensive training starting from their time as law students to their time as professional criminal defense attorneys.

You can rest assured not only will you have some of the best attorneys representing you but also they will go out of their way to help you for the best outcome for your case.