Knowing About Heavy Duty Wood Chippers

Wood chips are very useful raw materials as they can be used in a variety of ways. These include the production of wood pulp, as a biomass fuel and for mulching purposes for the purpose of gardening, restoration of landscape and ecological purposes. They also act as useful bioreactors for denitrifying and mushroom cultivation. The process through which wood chips are produced is called wood chipping while the instrument is called a wood chipper. A heavy duty wood chipper is an advanced machine which works more efficiently and effectively in lesser time and by consuming lesser power. A heavy duty wood chipper is composed of different parts which have different uses. Some of the parts are given below:

  1. Machine Base

The machine base is the part on which the wood chipper stands. It provides support to the machine when it is doing its job so the machine stays in one place.

  1. Cutter

The cutter is the part inside the machine that helps chip the wood into smaller pieces so as to produce wood chips. The cutter is composed of sharp edges of wear resistant chrome plates which cut the log of wood, which is fed as it is into the machine, into medium sized wooden chips. While on the other hand the knife, knife bed and knife bolts are made from special kind of steel.

  1. Feed Port

The feed port is also called an inlet mouth in simple language. It is the part from where the complete log of wood is fed into the machine to be cut into small chips. From this part, the log enters the cutter and then exits the machine as wood chips of roughly the same size each.

  1. Electronic control system

The heavy duty wood chipper runs on electricity so it has an electronic control system which is used to control and manage the working of the machine.

The machine like every other device has been designed to ease your workload. It helps chip wood in very little time in a perfect manner. It is highly efficient. The fact that it does more work in lesser time makes it an ideal machine for industrial owners. It is very simple to use, unlike other machines that need to be used by reading and following all the steps on a manual very closely. However, it is still safe to read the manual once before using it for the first time. You don’t have to acquire any experience or any proficient skills to learn to use heavy duty wood chipper. It is an easy process of just introducing chopped wood logs into the feed port and the wood chips come out of the exit looking like medium sized wooden flakes. In addition to the properties of efficiency and simplicity, it is also damage proof. It has been designed in such a way that it resists corrosion or rusting. The cutter also comprises a chrome plate which is resistant to being worn out.  Thus, it is a useful, simple, efficient and durable machine.