Kos, Greece | An Island Guide

Kos is one of Greece’s many islands and is a member of the Dodecanese Island chain in the South Aegean Sea.

Measuring about 40km long and varying between 8km and 11km in width, Kos is a fairly flat with one main mountainous region running along the south coast called Mount Dikeos.

The island is served by its own airport called Hippocrates which can be found on the western side of the island. Direct flights into Kos can be boarded from many international locations so reaching this wonderful island is a fairly painless task.

The capital of Kos is actually called Kos Town which is home to the main marina and is located in the northeast of the island.

Climate & Weather

Like much of Greece, Kos experiences a typically Mediterranean style climate with long hot summers and cool dry winter months.

The early summer season generally gets started in May with averages of around 20 degrees C, this rises through June and July to a peak of just under 30 degrees C in August.

Most years the sunshine can last through to the later parts of September and even October if you’re lucky.

For families looking for a summer break it is always advisable to avoid the peak sun of July and August, prices also tend to be cheaper outside these months.

Main Resorts

For holidaymakers looking for some active nightlife then the resort of Kardamena on the south coast of the island is the place to head for. Featuring a number of nightclubs and plenty of touristy bars and restaurants, Kardamena is Kos’s party town.

The capital Kos Town also features a good nightlife scene but is perhaps more upmarket than Kardamena. Both Kos Town and Kardamena have long sandy beaches which offer a variety of water sports activities.

On the opposite side of the island sits the pretty little town of Kefalos. A far more quiet resort, Kefalos offers a relaxing environment and a stunning picturesque beach.

A Bit Of Culture

If you are looking to experience some Greek culture on your visit to Kos then there are a few must see locations to explore.

First of all is the Asklepieion which is thought to hail from around the 3rd century BC and is medical centre constructed to honour the gods of health.

Asklepieion is the most impressive historical site on Kos and is located right next to Kos Town.

Also found close by is the Castle of the Knights which was built in the 14th century at the port of Kos Town by the Knights of St John.

If archaeology is your interest then the Kos Archaeological Museum will be right up your street featuring a collection of historic artefacts found across Kos and other Dodecanese islands.

Kos is a wonderful holiday destination and truly offers something for everyone, we hope you will consider making Kos your next Greek holiday location.

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