Label Printers: All You Need to Know

There are so many label printers on the market that it can be difficult to understand which one suits your needs. Understanding how you are going to use the printer is essential if you are going to choose the one that is right for you.

How will you use your printer?

Here is a checklist of questions to help you narrow your options down. Make sure you know the answers to these before you start discussing your requirements with a specialist label printer supplier.

The label

  • Will the labels be small or large, monochrome or full colour, text or image based?
  • How long does the label need to last?
  • Do you need waterproof labels, or ones that are heat resistant or tamper proof? What environments will the label encounter throughout its life (e.g. hot, cold, wet, dry)?
  • What volume of labels will be needed?
  • Do the printed labels need to be on a roll, in a stack or run off one at a time?

The data

  • Are there different label types needed and is all the data in a database?
  • Is there any extra data to be added at the time of printing that is not in the database?
  • Will the printer be networked to software where the data and label designs are stored or is a stand-alone printer connected to a stand-alone PC needed?

Choosing a printer

If you’re not sure about which printer to choose, here are four top printers from four different classes that have proven themselves over time.

Citizen CL-S521 – for thermal direct printing on a desktop

The CL-S521has a reputation for both reliability and durability. It is perfect for reproducing EAN compliant barcodes and can print logos and colour pictures to a high standard. It can switch between the various languages used to create labels and is a choice small label printer.

Intermec Easycoder PF8t – for thermal transfer printing on a desktop

This sturdy transfer printer runs quietly and is easy to use. It has the fastest processing time of any printer in its class making it ideal for any small business not requiring more than a thousand labels each day.

Toshiba B-EX4T – for industrial printing

Simple to use yet extremely versatile, this industrial printer can handle both thermal direct and transfer printing. It offers a resolution of up to 305 dpi, has internal file storage capabilities and automatic thermal print headdpi detection. It also operates in a money and energy saving way by reducing paper and ribbon wastage.

Primera LX900e – for digital printing

If it’s that glossy, supermarket look you need, the full colour labels from the LX900eare for you. It reproduces high quality photos with effortless ease and is one of the most cost-effective digital printers available. Its efficient use of colour inks and high print resolution are just two selling points of this printer designed for producing stylish eye-catching labels.

If you want to research further, you can find more information at, a top label manufacturer, about the differences between label printers on the market, including useful buyer’s guides clarifying each different type of printer’s strengths and weaknesses.