Labiaplasty : Women Showing More Interest

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to alter the labia majora and labia minora. There are various reasons that would push you into seeking this plastic surgery. For instance, it is a viable remedy when you are undergoing pains. You could also opt for labioplasty to improve the appearance of your vagina. Sexual satisfaction is another reason that could prompt you into going for labioplasty.

If you are seriously fancying labiaplasty, then you are part of a growing list of its admirers. Labiaplasty has gained a major following among many American women. According to Dr. James Matas’ eyewitness account, more women have started to trickle into his Orlando practice for this procedure. The ASAP (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) certified surgeon attributes this occurrence to a number of factors. Dr. Matas opines that most women perceive rejuvenation as a major boost to their self-confidence. The popularity of this procedure also stems from the desire for a great sex life.

The connection between labiaplasty and a good sex life

Being in a sexually frustrating relationship is quite a headache. Part of a boring sex life is down to less sexual stimulation. This results from the elongation of the labia minora and majora. The desire for a great sex life has formed a major pillar of labiaplasty procedures. The main aim of this procedure is to restore high levels of sexual stimulation.

The alteration of the vagina enhances access to the clitoris. Being the center for sexual sensitivity, the clitoris would be more open to sexual stimulation. This would accord you the amount of sexual gratification that you desire. Still, some quarters differ with the notion that labiaplasty will increase sexual satisfaction. If you are investing in the procedure for this purpose, you ought to consult a surgeon beforehand.

Risks associated with labioplasty

While focusing on the results of the procedure, you must also consider its side effects. The major question in this case revolves around its safety. During the procedure, your surgeon makes small incisions to erase excess tissues or edges. Labiaplasty needs no dressings and uses light anesthesia. The resultant effect is usually a mild discomfort.

There are other side effects that you should expect in the post-labiaplasty period. They include changes in pigmentation, hematoma, pain, momentary numbness and bleeding among others. However the risks a low compared to other operations in comparision.

Costs involved in labiaplasty

Before going for a labiaplasty procedure, you must prepare yourself financially. The fees go towards the facility, anesthesia and the surgeon. The cost could also vary if you want labia majora or minora reduction or both.

Having self-confidence, great sex life and good body is good for your health. You must also consult widely before picking on the procedure. This way, you can be a knowledgeable member of the growing number of women who desire labiaplasty.

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