Lady Luck At College

We have all heard those famous words “the luck of the Irish”, which I never really thought ever applied to me. I was the one back in school that always seemed to have bucket loads of bad luck. If I had a new bike I would crash it on the first day. If I did my essay editing for school I would be getting it totally wrong. If I was playing Basketball for school I was the one that would slide on the floor and give the ball away. My friends all spoke to me as if I was some sort of bad luck mascot.
So taking that into account I was very weary and stressed about going to college and the worry I have about staying the bad luck mascot. So on arrival at college I decided I was going to be thoroughly positive and thoroughly focused on making friends and not allowing the bad luck to continue. After all most people would say that bad luck is something you bring on yourself. I am not sure if I totally agree with that.

My first week at college I think my nerves was the main issue. I seemed to shy away from any conversations or being open to new people. This was immediately giving me a reputation of being a little standoffish, which really is not the way I want to portray myself.  So I was forced to throw off the fears and become super person.
I spent five days forcing myself to talk to anyone and everyone. The first few attempts made me look like some deranged fool as I would talk about anything for no reason. This resulted in me getting a lot of raised eyes and giggling too. But I was determined to continue.
By the end of the first week I was getting very tired of trying to be so talkative and fun it was making me tired. But then something amazing happened as some of the people I had spoken to during the week actually greeted me in the hallway and invited me to a party. Now that invitation would never have come if I had not first made communication with this person. This was the time that lady luck was turning.
Lady luck is just chance. I suppose the best analogy is that if you do not do something to make things change then change never occurs. Very much like the lotto. If you are not in it you cannot win it. I have been at college for months now and I am no longer considering myself to be that bad luck mascot, I am now the lucky mascot for the people that have become friends. We socialize and chat, we talk and eat together, we do homework and essay editing together and we all even have sleep overs too. Lucky me at last.
Lara Tomlinson has no longer to worry about having nonstop bad luck. Her life at college has changed everything for the better.