Large Wall Decals You Should Add To Your Toddler’s Bedroom

Wish you could add a bit of a zing to your kids’ bedroom? With elaborate and colorful wall decals, you can transform your kids’ sleeping quarters into a work of art. It doesn’t matter what your kids’ preferences are—there’s always a creative design out there that will suit them well. Take a look at the following examples of wall decals and murals that will add an imaginative flair to your kids’ bedroom.

  • A black-and-white portrait

What’s more special and personal than a black-and-white portrait of your little ones on their bedroom wall? When your kids see an artistic rendition of themselves etched on a blank space, they will feel a deeper sense of ownership and identity. Chalkboard wall decals are a growing trend, and it’s easy to see why. Your kids’ chalkboard portraits will remain in their bedroom as a testament to their childhood—that is, until you remove them.

  • A monochromatic star design

If you want to go for a more gender-neutral design, choose wall decals that have a simple concept and a monochromatic color scheme. Basic shapes like circles, diamonds, squares, and stars are perfect for this. Try mixing up different colors to see what works. There are many color combinations for you to try but if you want to stick to a minimalistic design, pick only two colors and work around them. Adjust their temperature to widen your choices.

  • Soft floral traces

For the girls’ bedroom, you can adopt a floral design that is neither too empowering nor too subtle. Florals are a good way to bring fresh and breezy vibe into an otherwise confining chamber. There are many possible color combinations for the girls’ room. Ask your little girls what flowers they like best so they can still play a role in the design process.

  • Futuristic and robotic concepts

What do young boys have in common? A collective interest in mechanical things, you can say. If you ask your young ones what wall decal they’d like for their bedroom, they’d probably say Buzz Lightyear or Legos. Optimus Prime and Lightning McQueen often make the cut as well. Boys like robots. They seem to be innately drawn to these mechanical objects. If your young one asked for this design, just give it to him.

  • Linear waves and arrowheads

Designing a kids’ bedroom is all about mixing the right colors and achieving the right depth and texture. You can do both by simply using straight or jagged lines. For this particular design, going all the way and painting an entire wall often yields the most impactful visual. Plus, the resulting design comes off looking clean and classy. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re keeping a certain theme throughout your entire household.

  • Prints and words

If your goal is to help your kids improve their language abilities, then you should put up educational wall decals in their bedroom. As long as you keep the patterned letters and words interesting, educational decals won’t be a bore. Use encouraging words like “dream” and “believe” to keep your young ones pumped every day. You can even use their names as a way to personalize the bedroom.

  • Birds as little guardians

Kids view the world with wonder. They are curious about everything around them—from tiny tadpoles to big and ferocious cats. They like watching goldfishes in glass bowls and birds perched high up in a tree. So if you want to turn your kids’ bedroom into something more interesting, you should consider adding zoo-inspired decals or mural on the wall. That way, you can bring nature closer to your kids.

  • A touch of Disney magic

What’s the best bedroom wall design for children, you ask? Why Disney of course! For decades, Disney has been known as a family brand that caters especially to children. Your little girl would love to have Merida in her bedroom, and your little boy would appreciate Wall-E’s company while he sleeps. Even Snow White’s seven dwarfs are popular among children. Have a decal of Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, and Happy emblazoned on your kids’ wall, and watch as the room turns into a mini-Disneyland.

  • Favorite animals

Cartoon animals will make great wall decorations for your kids’ bedroom. Find out what your kids’ favorite animals are and fashion the wall design after them. Imagine your kids’ bedroom festooned with decals of hippos, tigers, giraffes and elephants. It will look like a wild safari! The best part is that exposing your kids to these images will help them learn the value of protecting the environment.

  • Under-the-sea adventure

Kids love all sorts of creatures, regardless of whether they’re based on land, air or water. If your kids are especially inclined towards marine life, have their bedroom decorated with a myriad of sea creatures. Decals with crab, jellyfish, seahorse, squid, and stingray designs  can be the perfect decoration for your kids’ sleeping quarters.

  • Barnyard buddies

Great design comes with a story. When you design your kids’ bedroom, make sure that you think of  an inspiring  story as inspiration. Aim to create a scene that sends a message. For instance, if you want to go with a barnyard theme, throw in some elements that can significantly affect one another. In the picture above, for example, the donkey and the sheep are engaged in a conversation over a flower. Creating a scene like this can also help your kids understand the importance of communication and friendship.

  • A journey through the skies

Sustain your kids’ aspirations, whatever they may be. Let them dream while they’re young. If you have an aspiring pilot, be proud and supportive. Reinforce his dreams by projecting them on his bedroom. Besides, a pilot-themed room is not so bad.

  • Colorful vines

Go wild when designing your kids’ room. The looks of wild vines creeping through walls can leave an enchanting effect. Use the right colors and texture, and you will surely create a magical decoration.

  • A trip to Cartoonland

What is the most exciting children’s bedroom design of all time? Undoubtedly, it’s the one that involves some of the biggest cartoon characters in history like Totoro, Scooby Doo, and the Care Bears. Gather up all you know about your kids’ favorite cartoons so you can put them all together on one wall.

All kinds of decorating are fun, but decorating your kids’ bedroom can be a lot more fulfilling. The kids’ room should be a place of joy and excitement. Don’t put off adding a wall decal or mural in your kids’ bedroom to turn a boring space into a magical haven for children.