Laser Coding System, Making A Difference

Laser coding system

Speaking of laser coding system, it should no longer be unfamiliar. After all, it can be seen everywhere in life, beverage bottles, mobile phone cases, LOGO, barcodes, keyboards, TVs, refrigerators, and patterns on clothes, etc. The masterpiece of the code!

With the development of technology, people are increasingly demanding the quality of products. Traditional thermal inkjet printing or paper labeling products are prone to fading and have potential safety hazards, while keyboards, housings, etc., which are laser-coded, never fade, and are safe and environmentally friendly. In addition to quality, people’s aesthetic taste is now getting higher and higher. Take a look at the traditional inkjet drawn LOGO, text, icons, and then look at the effect of laser coding system, and instantly feel that your own strength has improved not only a little!

The working principle of the laser coding system is to collect the laser at a very high energy density on the surface of the object to be marked, to burn the surface of the material by cauterization and etching, and to engrave the pattern by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam. Or text. Unlike labels that are easily peeled off or offset, the laser marking is very accurate and long lasting. Compared with the traditional marking technology, the laser coding technology has no consumables, the equipment is stable and maintenance-free, and the processing cost is saved. At the same time, the laser coding speed is fast, the effect is clear and beautiful, without any computer operating system restrictions, and has significant advantages in processing efficiency.

These outer packaging are often colorful and of high quality because they represent the brand’s image. In general, the market demand for laser coding system is also on the rise, from metal to plastic, to composite materials, etc. can be used for laser coding. Laser coding system is applied to the surface engraving and texture of objects in various industries. In important industries such as leather, cardboard, 3C electronic products, automobiles, molds, etc., more and more enterprises need to use laser coding.

Laser coding system has been done fast and well, and the future will be everywhere in our lives!