Laser Tag vs Paintball – The Age-Old Debate

It is clear that laser tag can be a much better alternative than playing paintball. There are several reasons for that that will be covered in this blog. Take the time to read all of the pros and cons. While there are benefits to paintball, we find that it is much more fun and worry free to play laser tag.

Paint Ball = Ouch!

Laser tag has the benefits of not needing to have paintballs, not causing actual pain and welts on the areas that have been hit, and not making one huge mess. Being able to avoid such pains can be very beneficial in a shooting game. Not only that, but when playing laser tag the playing field is much larger than if playing paintball. You must be closer to the opponent to get them with a paintball gun. You do not have to be all that close when playing laser tag.

There are loyal followings to both variations of this shooting game. Loyalists will always remain true to the sport that they love. However, there are more benefits that are attached to laser tag than paintball. There is also certainly less of a mess when it comes to laser tag. With no actual physical contact or injuries to worry about, there is a wider populace that can truly get into laser tag. Expanding the amount of time that can be spent simply strategizing due to cut backs on pain will help to sharpen one’s ability to truly be on target and master it.

Equipment Costs

Saving money on equipment is also a perk, as is not having to carry it around with you during the game. You simply need equipment that has infrared lasers; nothing extra is required unlike with paintball. You will not need real ammunition and there’s far lesser of a chance that you will end up hurting someone by shooting them in the eye.
There are two other added benefits to playing laser tag. You could integrate the medic box, which extends the life levels for the player playing at the time.  You could easily update the amount of ammunition that is being used electronically, as opposed to having to having pellets and other physical means of battle that seem relatively outdated when comparing the two games.

Laser Tag = Less Mess

Laser tag is simply a more efficient way of playing a battle game. There is less heavy equipment to carry around, less mess to clean up, and less of an ability to actually get hurt.  Using the infrared equipment has made it less of a hassle over the years. Being a highly active team member on a team that is full of reliable and quick thinking teammates can be extremely beneficial to the cause.
The cool thing about this game is that it can be played indoors or even outdoors, which is up to you and your team when it comes down to it. Learn to use the tactical scope to help you to make the best shot every time. The length of time in a laser tag game varies dependent on how long you want the game to be.
Daniel Ruyter is a resident of Orlando, Florida and writes on behalf of Hard Knocks – Orlando’s premier indoor laser tag facility.